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Disclaimer: These aerobatics pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.

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International Aerobatics Club News

International Aerobatics Club News

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Disclaimer: These IAC pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.



by Mike Heuer

Our apologies to the membership for the lateness of SPORT AEROBATICS. We hope to have our magazine on schedule by the end of the year -- a formidable task at this point. We encourage you to submit articles for publication. As an example, there has been a considerable amount of communication on the Internet regarding various issues in recent weeks. For those of you who are on the Net, please take some of those ideas and put them in the form of a letter to the editor. IAC encourages the free exchange of information in this publication and this acting editor pledges to get it in. A permanent editor will be named by the Board of Directors soon. The Executive Director will continue to act as managing editor of the magazine, which will be primarily an administrative function, and the new editor will concentrate on the creative side of our monthly publication. We will keep you fully up-to-date in these pages as well as the IAC mailing list over the Internet (see this issue on how to subscribe).

In the past few weeks since our Executive Director's resignation, Doug McConnell, IAC's Treasurer, has been Acting Executive Director of IAC. His address, phone, and fax numbers can be found on page 3 and 4 of this issue. Any administrative or business matters should be directed to Doug in this transition period. When a full-time Executive Director is named, it will be announced in these pages.

Despite weather problems throughout the week, the 1995 U. S. National Aerobatic Championships was successfully and safely concluded under the direction of Carl Whittle on September 19th, 1995. There was a huge turnout of pilots this year, partly due to U. S. Team selection, and the numbers were as follows:

20 Sportsman, 26 Intermediate, 23 Advanced, and 36 Unlimited -- a total of 105 pilots, one of the largest Nationals in history.

The 1995 U. S. National Aerobatic Champion is Mike Goulian of Arlington, Massachusetts. Mike flew his beautiful new Extra 300S to victory for the first time and at 27 years old is one of this nation's youngest National Champions in years. In the other categories, National Champions were also named. U. S. Advanced Aerobatic Champion is Gerry Molidor of McHenry, Illinois. U. S. Intermediate Champion is Suzanne Owen of Medford, Oregon. U. S. Sportsman Champion is Patrick Clyne of Menomonie, Wisconsin. Our congratulations to all. A complete feature article on the Championships by IAC Director Tom Myers will be included in the November issue of SPORT AEROBATICS and will feature photographs by EAA staff photographer Jim Koepnick who traveled from Oshkosh for the event. Our thanks to U. S. Aerobatic Foundation Executive Secretary Carlys Sjoholm for helping with the coverage of the event as well.

The 1995 Nationals also served as the team selection competition for the 1996 U. S. Aerobatic Team which will compete in Oklahoma City in August of next year. The new Team is as follows: Men - Mike Goulian, Robert Armstrong, Phil Knight, Matt Chapman, John Lillberg, and Robert Meyer (alternate). Women - Linda Meyers Morrissey, Diane Hakala, Patty Wagstaff, Debby Rihn Harvey, Ellen Dean, and Cecilia Aragon (alternate). While at the Nationals, the U. S. Aerobatic Foundation Board of Directors also met and completed the task of selecting ground crew members for the Team. The complete ground crew selection is as follows: Trainer/Delegate - John Morrissey; Manager - Fred Peters; Judge - Alan Geringer; Assistant Judge - Howie Stock; Mechanics - Rick Miller (Chief) and Geary Monckton; Line Person - Paul West; Video Technician - Lew Shattuck. The Board decided not to fill the physician position on the Team due to the availability of medical facilities and personnel in the U. S.

Contest Directors are reminded that the Board of Directors implemented a new Sanction Fees schedule for 1996 which will take effect on January 1st. The new fee is $100.00. If all results and required paperwork are returned to IAC within 30 days, $50.00 of the fee will be refunded. The IAC Board decided to charge for sanctioning due to the considerable amount of labor, support, and paperwork that are provided each Contest Director throughout the year by our Executive Office.

Earlier in the year, IAC announced the production of a new, beautiful 25th Anniversary poster. That poster went on sale at the EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh in July and is now available to the membership. Cost is $10.00 plus shipping cost of $3.50. The poster features dozens of color pictures of IAC members' aircraft. Due to the incredible response of our membership, we were not able to put all of them on, but we will feature most of those photos in future issues of SPORT AEROBATICS. The best way to order is to call EAA's mail order sales department at 1-800-843-3612 with your credit card information. Outside the U. S., call 1 (414) 426-4800.

The IAC Board of Directors will meet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 9-10th, 1995. The meeting will take place at the EAA Aviation Center's Founder's Gallery at 8:30 am on November 9th and at 8:00 am on November 10th. At 3:15 pm on the 10th, a joint meeting of all the EAA and EAA Division Boards will take place at the Vette Theater.

Liza Weaver has resigned as Judges School Chairman after many years of untiring and faithful service to IAC as a Director and Program Chairman and will be replaced by Ray Rose who has been active in IAC and our judging program for many years.

If you want to schedule a Judge's School for 1996, you must contact Ray at 10800 Weeping Willow Lane, Beltsville, MD 20705. Phone 301/937-4473 or fax 301/937-4881. Ray's e-mail address is Our thanks to Liza for her many hours of work and support of sport aerobatics.

The IAC Awards Chairman, Myrna Mibus, has announced that Nott Wheeler of Cleveland, Mississippi is the 1994 winner of the prestigious L. Paul Soucy Aerobatic Award. The award is presented annually to the IAC competition pilot who achieves the highest percentage points of the possible in aerobatic competition the previous year. It is open to all categories. The pilot must have flown in a total of three contests, one of which must be the IAC Championships in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Nott has been active in IAC for many years and is a member of Chapter 27 in Memphis.

The top ten scoring pilots eligible for the award were as follows:

1.	Nott Wheeler, Cleveland, MS			86.46%
2.	Matt Morrissey, Lee's Summit, MO		86.047%
3.	Dave Lammers, Marion, IA			85.90%
4.	Mark Peteler, Woodstock, IL			85.42%
5.	Dave Dingman, Salt Lake City, UT		85.37%
6.	Douglas Simmons, Naperville, IL		85.15%
7.	Dan McGarry, Olympia Fields, IL		85.137%
8.	Fred DeLacerda, Stillwater, OK		85.08%
9.	Tom Adams, Springfield, TN			84.744%
10.	Matt Chapman, Kennett Square, PA		84.59%
Our congratulations to all.

A the EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh this year, former IAC President Mike Heuer was presented with the Rolly Cole Memorial Trophy by Duane and Judy Cole. This trophy is presented annually for outstanding contributions to the sport of aerobatics.

The last Breitling World Cup of Aerobatics competition was held in Tajima, Japan on October 7th and 8th. It was the final event in the series of five contests which were held in Paris, France; Abbotsford, BC, Canada; San Diego, California, USA; and Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. Overall winner of the 1995 Cup was Dominique Roland of France, who accumulated 52 points during the year. He flies the new CAP 232. Following Dominique in the final standings were Patrick Paris (France), Jurgis Kairys (Lithuania), Peter Besenyei (Hungary), Rick Massegee (USA), Nikolai Timofeev (Russia), Nikolai Nikitiuk (Russia), Eric Vazeille (France), and Christian Schweizer (Switzerland). Other pilots participating in the event but who did not accumulate any points were Ramon Alonso (Spain), Elena Klimovich (Russia), Zoltan Veres (Hungary), and Patty Wagstaff (USA).

As is discussed elsewhere in this issue, Guenther Eichhorn has created an IAC Home Page on the Internet. The complete results of the U. S. Nationals just completed are on there now, as well as many other important items of information. If you have access to the Internet, the IAC Home Page address is:

If you have aerobatics related information that you would like to make available, please contact me at the email address below.

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