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IAC Contest Results

This contest, sponsored by IAC Chapter 78, concluded successfully on Sunday August 24. The chapter had two goals for this contest. The first was to openly encourage, welcome and promote entry level competitors. We were delighted with our success in this area. Four of our five Basic competitors were competing for the first time, one of whom, Daryl Lowey of Canada, became a new member of IAC on our practice day. Our open signal of welcome to these competitors, by waiving entry fees for first timers, was successful in letting these people know that our sport welcomed their participation. Our Sportsman category also had a first time competitor. Larry Wiesner came all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to win the Sportsman first time competitor trophy. Of our total of 23 competitors, five, or 22%, were first-timers. If all contests could achieve this percentage, the decline in participation, which concerns many of us, would rapidly be reversed. Our contest proved that active encouragement at the entry levels can be done, and works.

Our second goal was to make focus on volunteers a key theme for the contest in this EAA's year of emphasis on volunteerism. Long time Chapter 78 member and sponsor, Loren Smith, donated beautiful tri-colored acrylic 6 inch diameter medallions for award to 40 volunteers and judges. Our banquet, which celebrated volunteerism, recognized the recipients of these awards. Additionally we had a Pilots' Choice award presented to the volunteer who best represented the spirit of volunteerism. This beautiful, artist signed illustration in tribute to Curtis Pitts and the Pitts biplane, was awarded to Chapter member (and Pitts owner) Phil Schacht. Phil was the originator of the Albert Lea contest and continues to assure its success each year. Runners up for this recognition included Jean Taylor, who contributes significantly as registrar at both this contest and at Fond du Lac, Candy Vaughn, volunteer coordinator, who flew from southern Illinois riding 6 hours in the front seat of her husband Mike's clipped cub, and, Gary Mack, who drove from the Chicago area "just to help with whatever I can". Though not a volunteer in the strictest sense, Jim Hansen, airport manager and FBO operator, has continued to support our activities and to fend off the noise complaints. For his support, the pilots each contributed to what amounted to a sizable monetary contribution which was presented to him during our banquet.

On the flying side, good weather on Saturday contributed to a smooth flow of competition flying. However, strong West winds kept the box markers moving to the West (pilots view), and our first time competitors really had a great time with that learning experience. Two flights were completed on Saturday, and low ceilings and visibility on Sunday prevented any third flights, however, a great time was had by all. A clipped cub won Sportsman against some tough and experienced competitors, and a 115 HP Citabria placed second in Basic. Who says the day is over for these fun, affordable and still competitive older aircraft?!


Rank Pilot Knwn1 Knwn2 TBLP Tot. %pp * 1st TOM KERNS 381.5763 356.1591 737.7354 83.83 * 2nd DAVID LAMBERT 320.4661 318.4202 638.8863 72.60 * 3rd DARYL LOWEY 306.0316 195.1095 501.1411 56.95 * 4th BRANDON McNIELUS 282.2088 209.9472 492.1560 55.93 5th CYNTHIA LYONS 162.3496 301.1751 463.5247 52.67 *First-Time" Competitor


Rank Pilot Known Free TBLP Tot. %pp 1st MIKE VAUGHAN 1010.3214 1027.8234 2038.1448 86.36 2nd ALAN SCHWENK 1015.4377 1001.3101 2016.7478 85.46 3rd GEOFF SLINGSBY 1009.0720 986.6769 1995.7489 84.57 4th JIM BARRETT 957.3468 997.2691 1954.6159 82.82 5th ROD BLAKE 898.1884 939.0812 1837.2696 77.85 6th HENRY VOGELGESANG 883.3292 887.7007 1771.0299 75.04 * 7th LARRY WIESNER 815.7997 832.8124 1648.6121 69.86 8th CAL BRANDT 483.7893 814.8319 1298.6212 55.03 *"First-Time" Competitor


Rank Pilot Known Free TBLP Tot. %pp ** 1st LOREN SMITH 1569.2053 1610.8964 3180.1017 87.61 2nd CLYDE M. CABLE 1585.8573 1549.1864 3135.0437 86.36 3rd DAVE LAMMERS 1565.0875 1565.0492 3130.1367 86.23 4th PATRICK CLYNE 1506.1388 1539.7790 3045.9178 83.91 5th JON A. VANDERHOOF 1484.2951 1530.0850 3014.3801 83.04 6th JOHN SCHWENK 1456.5623 1533.4477 2990.0100 82.37 7th DICK BEVINGTON 1462.0975 1526.8232 2988.9207 82.34 8th JIM PIROS 1423.0819 1485.4200 2908.5019 80.12 9th JOHN WILLKOMM 1467.1681 1429.5577 2896.7258 79.80 10th MICHAEL HENNESSY 1214.2462 928.0684 2142.3146 59.02 **winner Aviat Pitts Trophy for highest percentage in a Pitts

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