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IAC Contest Results

IAC Contest Result

Aurora Airport/Heuer Classic Contest

Aurora, IL
June 6-8, 1997

Contest Director - Mike Maloney

AURORA AIRPORT/HEUER CLASSIC CONTEST A SUCCESS The Aurora Airport/Heuer Classic Contest sponsored by IAC Chapter One was a success despite bad weather on Saturday. Flights on Friday and Sunday proved to be the determining factors for the trophies. A crowd of about 5,000 persons attended the Sunday Competition.

37 pilots representing 8 states flew in tough competition.

Mark you calendar now for next year... the second weekend in June!!!


1st Gary Palumbo Decathlon 82.88% 2nd Patrick Fierce Decathlon 78.63% 3rd Tom Lamoureux Decathlon 75.42% 4th Cynthia Lyons Decathlon 58.49% 5th Michael Marino Pitts S2B 51.97% 6th Helen Hicks Decathlon 37.80%


1st Greg Panzl Staudaucher 300 85.18% 2nd Don Dewitt Cub 77.61% 3rd Dave Underwood Decathlon 76.74 4th Henry Vogelsang Decathlon 76.47 5th Chris Coltrin Decathlon 75.12 6th George Stock Pitts S1S 72.55 7th Chris Carlson Pitts S2B 69.50 8th Ward Sterns Decathlon 66.22 9th Katie Code Decathlon 65.25 10th Jim Klick Pitts S1S 63.88 11th Mike Maloney Pitts S2A 00.00


1st Dave Monroe Pitts S2B 88.89% 2nd Doug Partl Pitts S2B 85.95 3rd Dave Henning Yak 55M 85.92 4th Bruce abramson Pitts S2B 85.10 5th Loren Smith Pitts S2B 84.87 6th Rick Martinez Lazer 230 84.66 7th John Willkomm Pitts S2E 82.97 8th Mark Peteler Pitts S1S 80.23 9th Al Greffenius Eagle II 79.89 10th Jon Vanderhoof Pitts S1T 76.73 11th Dick Bevington Pitts S1S 74.17 12th Dave Bell Yak 55M 59.57


1st Gerry Molidor Pitts S2B 83.71% 2nd Damon Wack Extra 230 83.28 3rd Guy Juntunen Yak 55M 79.39 4th Chris Panzl Pitts S1S 78.03 5th Bob Stark Pitts S1S 74.63


1st Kirby Chambliss Edge 540 88.42 2nd Steve Jackovich Pitts S1S 78.15 3rd Larry Warren Pitts S1TX 75.24 4th T Douglas Laser 70.37

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