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IAC Contest Result

This information was scanned from Sports Aerobatics and translated with an Optical Character Recognition System. This means that there may be errors in the text. If you find one, please let me know and I will correct it.


December 9-11, 1993 - Chandler, AZ - Chapters 69 & 62


Place/Pilot Aircraft/N-number Total Points % of total Possible 1. Jeff Shaw/Tempe, AZ Great Lakes/N6075L 3438.2572 86.17 2. Joe Cenarrusa/Boise, ID Pitts S2B/N321BH 3340.5255 83.71 3. Gary Hubler/Caldwell, ID Pitts S2B/N321BH 3332.6795 83.51 4. Patrick McGarry/Chandler, AZ Pitts SlC/N117TH 3302.5630 82.76 5. Scott Allen/Fountain Hills, AZ Pitts S2B/N540RJ 3263.6214 81.78 6. Curt Langenhorst/Mesa, AZ Great Lakes/N6075L 3237.4759 81.13 7. Cathy White/Bellingham, WA Pitts S2B/N15KR 3192.8726 80.00 8. Toshi Kimishima/Hokkaido, Japan Great Lakes/N3808F 3191.2229 79.97 9. Michael Hennessy/San Diego, CA Goshawk/N345RM 3158.6265 79.15 10. Roy McLaughlin/Caldwell, ID Pitts S2B/N321BH 3122.5882 78.25 11. Randy Chestnut/Cypress, CA Pitts S2B/N59KK 3084.7642 77.29 12. William Briski/Phoenix, AZ Great Lakes/N6075L 3064.5394 76.79 13. John Hunley/Anaheim, CA CAP 10/N80DD 3048.0938 76.39 14. Tim Kjellberg/Scottsdale, AZ Great Lakes/N3808F 2959.8098 74.16 15. Bill Salter/Tempe, AZ Pitts S2B/N15KR 2927.2303 73.36 16. Bob Sweginnis/Prescott, AZ Decathlon/N2987 2878.5998 72.13 17. Dorrien Davies/Peoria, AZ Great Lakes/N3808 2829.4516 70.90 18. Glen Campbell/Phoenix, AZ Pitts SlS/N427ZR 2526.8376 63.31 19. Kay Tavormina/Gilbert, AZ Pitts S2A/N4GA 2019.9235 50.60
SPORTSMAN CHIEF JUDGE: William Mayberry, Paradise Valley, AZ; SPORTSMAN JUDGES: Jim Clapper, Scottsdale, AZ; Ron Straub, Mesa, AZ; Mike Mangold, Victorville, CA; Gil Monti, Phoenix, AZ; Gene Griesel, Phoenix, AZ; SPORTSMAN ASSISTANT: LouAnn Berringer


Place/Pilot Aircraft/N-number Total Points % of total Possible 1. Doug Jardine/Murrieta, CA Pitts SlS/N129DJ 4074.2 85.95 2. Mark Semidei/Stockstadt, Germany Pitts S2B/N540RJ 4002.5 84.43 3. Paul Helliker/Chandler, AZ Pitts S2B/N15KR 3997.0 84.32 4. Ken Holland/Tucson, AZ Pitts SlT/N49331 3965.4 83.65 5. Mark Kinder/Cave Creek/AZ Pitts S2B/N540RJ 3813.8 80.44 6. Dave Good/Costa Mesa, CA CAP 10/N80DD 3813.8 80.44 7. Gary Goodenow/Phoenix, AZ Pitts S2B/N15KR 3775.8 79.64 8. Julie Sandman/Victorville, CA Pitts SlT/N369RR 3682.0 77.68
INTERMEDIATE CHIEF JUDGE: Richard L. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ; INTERMEDIATE JUDGES: Bill Mayberry, Paradise Valley, AZ; Peter Bates, Phoenix, AZ; Bob Knight, Mesa, AZ; Jon Aitken, Mesa, AZ; INTERMEDIATE ASSISTANTS: Curt Langenhorst, Mesa, AZ; Hal Raish, La Habra, CA; Bill Briski, Phoenix, AZ; Randy Chestnut, Cypress, CA; Chris Coltrin, Schaumburg, IL; Phil Rothwell.


Place/Pilot Aircraft/N-number Total Points % of total Possible 1. Gene Griesel/Phoenix, AZ Staudacher/N211KG 6458.8 85.09 2. Gerry Zimmerman/Brighton, CO Monoplane/NlGZ 6346.9 83.61 3. Mike Mangold/Victorville, CA Pitts SlT/N369RR 6332.0 83.43 4. Jim Clapper/Scottsdale, AZ Pitts S2B/N15KR 6160.2 81.16 5. Ken Kranz/Thousand Oaks, CA Pitts S2B/N59KK 5964.1 78.58 6. John Walkup/Chandler, AZ Pitts S2B/N15KR 5899.4 77.72 7. Ron Straub/Mesa, AZ Pitts SlT/N49344 5602.2 73.81 8. Pete Shepley/Tucson, AZ Sukhoi/N295U 5496.0 72.41 9. Gill Monti/Phoenix, AZ Pitts S2B/N540RJ 5108.1 67.30
ADVANCED CHIEF JUDGE: Peter Bates, Phoenix, AZ; ADVANCED JUDGES: Veva Becker, Niwot, CO; Bert Berrong, Brighton, CO; Diane Hakala, Phoenix, AZ; Gary Goodenow, Phoenix, AZ; Mark Kinder, Cave Creek, AZ; ADVANCED ASSISTANTS: Hal Raish, La Habra, CA; John Hunley, Anaheim, CA; Dave Good, Costa Mesa, CA; Chris Coltrin, Schaumburg, IL; Bill Mclntyre, Mesa, AZ; Rick Brown.


Place/Pilot Aircraft/N-number Total Points % of total Possible 1. Bert Berrong/Brighton, CO Rebel/N70VK 10910.0 83.60 2. Diane Hakala/Phoenix, AZ Staudacher/N79 lS 10817.0 82.89
UNLIMITED CHIEF JUDGE: Richard L. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ; UNLIMITED JUDGES: Bill Mayberry, Paradise Valley, AZ; Gerry Zimmerman, Brighton, CO; Veva Becker, Niwot, CO; UNLIMITED ASSISTANTS: Curt Langenhorst, Mesa, AZ; Chris Coltrin, Schaumburg, IL.
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