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Disclaimer: These aerobatics pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.

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IAC Contest Results

IAC Contest Results

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Disclaimer: These IAC pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.

Great Lakes Regional

Kenosha, Wisconsin

10-11 July, 1999


1st place, Christie Bruns, 83.58%, Decathlon (Move up!!)
2nd place, Derek Wade, 82.65%, Decathlon
3rd place, Bob Dahl, 81.36%, Decathlon
4th place, Jim Maloney, 80.69%, Decathlon
5th place, Keith Tridle, 75.35%, Acrosport (Keith rebuilt John Willkomm's
                                 old airplane, and this was their first contest)


 1st place, Ty Englehardt, 83.89%, Decathlon
 2nd place, Mike Niccum, 83.42%, Pitts S1S
 3rd place, Bob Post, 82.27%, Pitts S2B
 4th place, Mike Maloney, 81.50%, Pitts S2A
 5th place, Ward Stearns, 80.77%, Decathlon
 6th place, David Underwood, 79.77%, Decathlon
 7th place, Jim Klick, 79.69%, Yellow S1S
 8th place, Rory Olson, 79.07%, Hyperbipe  (boy, was Rory mad 
                                     when the controller called him a Pitts!)
 9th place, Don Dewitt, 76.84%, Cub (Don and the Cub are both one of
                                     the first IAC members)
10th place, Cynthia Lyons, 66.04%, Decathlon


1st place, Mark Peteler, 86.15%, Pitts S1S
2nd place, Bill Bruns, 85.79%, Decathlon
3rd place, Mike Vaughan, 84.77%, Pitts S2S
4th place, Wayne Norris, 84.67%, DR109
5th place, John Willkomm, 82.53%, Pitts S2E  (beat by that old Decathlon again, huh?)
6th place, Steve Johnson, 64.23%, Pitts S2B


1st place, Phil (Stinky) Schacht , 80.07%, Pitts S1S
2nd place, Randy Reinhardt, 79.74%, Extra 200
3rd place, Jim Hogg, 77.06%, Pitts S1S
4th place, Dave Bell, 74.91%, Extra 300L
5th place, Kirk Hansen, 74.33%, YAK 55M
6th place, Ian Scott, 70.19%, Sukhoi SU-31
7th place, Rick Martinez, 60.19%, Staudacher


1st place, Chris Panzl, 81.49%, Staudacher
2nd place, Steve Jackovich, 60.48%, Pitts S1S
3rd place, Hugo Ritzenthaler, 65.27%, Pitts S1S

IAC Grassroots Award, Mark Peteler, 86.15%, Pitts S1S
Highest Scoring Pitts Pilot, Mark Peteler, 86.15%, S1S (Mark had to call ACME to haul all his trophies home!)
Highest Scoring Decathlon Pilot, Bill Bruns, 85.97%

Our thanks to Aviat, Textron-Lycoming and American Champion for providing the awards.

Bonehead Awards (dogbones):
1st place, Steve (Mr. Zero) Johnson
2nd place, Rick (Wrongway Corrigan is My Hero) Martinez (credit from last year's contest applied)
3rd place, Rory Olson (serves him right for being so anal about his type airplane!)

Best performance by an expectant mother: Myrna Mibus, who gave birth to Rosemary Claire, 7 lbs, 14 oz, 20 1/2 inches long, during the contest (no, it wasn't at the airport). 87%-lost points for missing the mandatory briefing and calling in right after the awards ceremonies. Congratulations to Eagle pilots Owen, Myra and Rosemary!

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