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IAC Contest Results

Anyone who has been to the Catskill region knows how beautiful it is. This is a great setting for a contest. The airport was built with hopes of casino gambling coming to the area. Unfortunatly for the local economy this legislation didn't pass. Lucky for the aerobatic community because this is a great airport for a contest. With only one very long runway, there's not much worry about people coming out off heading. The Terminal Bldg is large and empty... WE CAME - WE SAW - WE TOOK OVER!

Since none of us live in the area, the entire community had to be moved in and set up. Bright and early Friday morning, CONTEST DIRECTOR: FRANK PATE and CHIEF JUDGE: JERRY GERDES started setting up shop. Jerry was not only chief judge, but our mentor. His experience is a gold mine for us, and we truly appreciate his knowledge and guidance.

People were busy going in all directions. Box markers were put out and registration started to spool up as soon as REGISTRAR: MIRIAM LEVINS showed up. In another part of the lobby SCORER: SANDY GERDES set up a work station complete with sign "NO PILOTS ALLOWED"....and no one went back there cause ya don't mess with Sandy!

By midday Friday, practice had started and VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: STEVE SEIDEL and STARTER: RON SPENCER were working in harmony to "Keep 'em Flyin". The numbers of pilots grew and grew as the day went on. Thanks to their efforts, everyone got a chance to fly in the box at least once.

By Saterday we had 58 PILOTS... a much larger crowd then we expected. This was going to be interesting because most every one was doing their job for the first time. MIRIAM was a quick study on the Registration desk, and with OLGA MITCHELL helping out, she was shoveling pilots and paperwork out to the line and keeping a smooth flow going. STEVE SEIDEL handled the job of Vol. Coordinator like he'd been doing it all his life...more to come one Steve, stay tuned. First time competitor, RON SPENCER worked the Starters job like a well oiled machine. This from someone who never saw a contest before. Unbelievable! These two guys were like uncovered jewels for us because we had more competitors then we know what to do with and they were very instrumental in making it all work. Now, back to Steve. Not only did he do an exemplary job as VC, he WON 2ND PLACE SPORTSMAN & THE PITTS TROPHY. Great job Steve! Ron, who never flew a contest WON 1ST TIME SPORTSMANand took 8th Place. Well done, Ron! (There were 29 Sportsman) Chief Judge JERRY GERDES was aided by ASST.CHIEF JUDGE: JOHN CORNWELL. John earned his stripes, as did all the other judges who suffered through all of us flying Sportsman. Our guest Judges were RAY & LOIS ROSE, who's talents were well appreciated. What a team effort this was turning into. Scores were run into SANDY GERDES who did a quick turn around at the computer and soon had scores posted for all to read. It was Great!

Meanwhile,first time CD: FRANK PATE is busy overseeing everyones work and filling in the gaps where needed. A good CD has a flame thrower in one hand and a fire extinguisher in the other. Frank handled it just fine. Frank is another one of the jewels out there. This wonderful man works his heart out for us and he hasn't even flown a contest yet. He just does it for the love of the people and the sport. He's a big guy with a big heart and a gentle manor that you can't help but admire. He always had a smile and a great attitude. We really owe you Frank!!!

The last folks that deserve a big pat on the back are our friends at the FBO, WOODSTOCK AIRCRAFT SERVICES. John Nichols and Lori were always there with a smile and whatever we needed. Lori set up an "on site" kitchen and took care of us from morning coffee to late day burgers. The unicom was manned by the airport office and helped us keep a lid on confused transient pilots and some of the noise complaints.

Luckily the weather was great for most of the contest. We flew everyone twice except the last half of the Sportsman pilots, do to incoming weather. On top of the people listed above for key positions, there were a number of folks who filled in and allowed those pilots to also fly when they weren't holding down a job, Like Steve and Ron. Sorry I can't list everyone, but we know who you are and thank you all:-) We learned alot and had a great time. Next year we hope to make it even better!

Happy Trails,
Kathy Jaffe
IAC Chapt. 52 President


1st Jim Wells 4th Thomas Witt 2nd Barb Stanfield 5th Lynda Feldstein 3rd Jeff Seckendorf (patch) 6th Jeremy Gray


1--Scotty Gerber 15-John Thompson 2--Stephen Seidel 16-Jeff Quigley 3--David Klingebiel 17-Robert Gardner 4--Larry Wilson 18-Peter Bocon 5--Kevin Cavallo 19-Rich Pinkowski 6--George Cole 20-Kent Cristman 7--Ed Jepsen 21-Kathy Jaffe 8--Ron Spencer 22-Jack Rosen 9--Bill Matukaitis 23-Harley Carnes 10-Jeff Seckendorf 24-Ron Rabinoich 11-Bill McGoldrick 25-Tony Lore 12-Drew Hurley 26-Ron Chadwick 13-Van Rahmani 27-Fred Fraim 14-Gregory Ryan 28-Matt Doyle 29-Janet Guzowski PITTS TROPHY WINNER: STEVE SEIDEL 1ST TIME SPORTSMAN WINNER: RON SPENCER


1--Miles Merritt 8--Doug Stocker 2--Roy Speeg 9--Hans Box 3--Ronald Burns 10-Sheldon Apsell 4--Rich Klarich 11-Bob McAndrew 5--Lloyd Suter 12-Sigrid Bauman 6--Jim Ward 13-Jeff Koenig 7--John Caccavale 14-Ken Manuelian


1-John Cornwell 4-Craig Lesinski 2-Ron Saglimbene 5-Angelo Cillareoto 3-Jim Reiher 6-Hilton Tallman 7-Don Rhynalds


1st- Bruce Everett 2nd-Mike Mancuso

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