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IAC Contest Result

This information was scanned from Sports Aerobatics and translated with an Optical Character Recognition System. This means that there may be errors in the text. If you find one, please let me know and I will correct it.


May, 14, 1994 - New Lennox, IL - Chapter 1


Place/Pilot Aircraft/N-number Total %of Possible 1. James H. Klick/Lockport, IL Pitts S2B/N57GM 497.667 70.094 2. David G. Underwood/Naperville, IL Decathlon/N88309 153.333 21.596
BASIC CHIEF JUDGE: Dan McGarry, Olympia Fields, IL; BASIC JUDGES: Virginia Jacobson, White Lake, Ml; Doug McConnell, Olympia Fields, IL; BASIC ASSISTANT: Roger Smith.

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