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Midwest Aerobatic Championships

July 1-3, 1995 - SEWARD, NE

1) Chandy Barr: Eagle II
K=373.100 AvTotal 373.100; 84.77%
2) Jerry Gleim: Super Decathlon
K=361.200; AvTotal 361.200; 361.200; 82.05%
3) Scott Nerhus: 8KCAB
K=328.100; AvTotal 328.100; 74.55%


1) Jon Vanderhoof: Pitts S-2B K=1094.100; F=notflown; AvTotal=1094.100; 87.52% 2) Scott Erickson: Yak-55-M K=1074.100; F=notflown; AvTotal=1074.100; 85.92% 3) Bruce Abramson: Pitts S-2B K=1055.900; F=notflown; AvTotal=1054.200; 84.40% 4) Jim Barret; Eagle II K=1054.200; F=notflown; AvTotal=1054.200; 84.32% 5) Darrin Tebon: Bellanca 8kACB K=1037.500; F=F=notflown; AvTotal=1037.500; 82.96% 6) John Phillips: Pitts S-2B K=976.500; F=notflown; AvTotal=976.500; 78.08% 7) Paul Muhle: Acro Sport II K=965.900; F=notflown; AvTotal=965.900; 77.20% 8) Steven Groce: Pitts S-2B F=965.80; F=notflown; AvTotal=965.800;77.20% 9) Kirk Hansen: Yak-55M K=889.600; F=notflown; AvTotal 889.600; 71.12%


1) Fred DeLacerda: Pitts S-1T K=1602.257; F=1594.927;TBLTotal=3197.183;86.17% 2) Jim Dean: Extra 300S K=1540.936; F=1540.771;TBLTotal=3081.709; 83.05% 3) Dick Bevington: Pitts S-1S K=1545.468; F=1536.213; TBLTotal=3081.680; 83.05% 4) Nestor Noguera: Pitts S-2B K=1495.816; F=1543.097; TBLTotal=3038.912; 81.89% 5) John Blum; Pitts S-2B K=1418.860; F=1561.400; TBLTotal=2980.260; 80.32% 6) Bill Hamsa: Eagle II K=1431.448; F=1441.072; TBLTotal=2872.519; 77.41% 7) Don Nelson: Pitts S-2B K=1386.593; F=1482.213; TBLTotal=2868.806; 77.30% 8) Paul Jacob: Pitts S-2B K=1440.198; F=1393.720; TBLTotal=2833.915; 76.36% 9) Alison Adams: Pitts S-1T K=1534.613; F=1039.416; TBLTotal=2574.060; 69.38% 10) Doug Roth: Hiperbipe SNS7 K=1539.248; F=911.354; TBLTotal=2450.602; 66.04% 11) Dick Ralston: Pitts S-2B K=403.039; F=1289.832; TBLTotal=1692.872; 45.61%


1) Ed Bowes: Pitts S-1S K=2498.200K; F=2278.70; AvTotal=4776.900;86.52%pp 2) John Morrissey: CAP 231 K=2460.400; F=2265.400 AvTotal=4725.800; 85.60%pp 3) Allyson Parker: Pitts S-1T K=2318.900 F=2404.600; AvTotal=4723.500; 85.56%pp 4) Mike Forney: Pitts S-1T K=2428.900; F=2242.500; AvTotal=4671.400; 84.62%pp 5) Lloyd Byerhof: Pitts S-1S K=2439.500; F=2211.400;AvTotal=4650.900;84.24%pp 6) Harry Barr: Pitts S-1S K=2403.600; F=2204.500; AvTotal=4608.100; 83.48%pp


1) Linda Meyers Morrissey:CAP 231 K=3363.000; F=3904.300; AvTotal=7267.300; 89.61%pp 2) Eric Haagenson:Sukhoi Su-26M K=3282.700; F=3837.300; AvTotal=7120.000; 87.79%pp 3)Chad Graves:Extra 300S K=3179.100; F=3722.700; AvTotal=6901.800; 85.09%pp

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