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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Biplane Fly In - Curtis Pitts will be there

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Biplane Fly In - Curtis Pitts will be there


Thread: [Acro] Biplane Fly In - Curtis Pitts will be there

Message: [Acro] Biplane Fly In - Curtis Pitts will be there

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From: GJunkie1 at

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 01:32:41 UTC


  Everyone with a biplane - not just Pitts drivers,

There is a big biplane fly in March 14-16, 2002 at Ozark, Alabama, airport 
identifier 71J.  This is in with the Heritage Foundation celebration in 
Ozark.  Curtis Pitts is confirmed to be there over the weekend.  Ray Williams 
of Whifferdill and his retract Pitts will be there over the weekend.  This is 
not a contest, just a good, fun fly in, so don't worry about the competition 
hassles.  There will be a box over the airport though, so we will be flying 
acro!!  There will be parties and free food Friday & Saturday nights.  The 
free food is only for biplane drivers and pax, monoplanes are welcome (well, 
tolerated), but will be considered 2nd class, so be warned.

We are also working on Danny Adams from the Pitts factory, 90% sure to be 
there, and Bill Thomas is 50% sure to be there right now.  We are hammering 
him hard to pick up his free airline ticket and fly in with Curtis.

For more information call Marshall Collins at 877.829.3604.  This is his 
pager, so leave your number, he will call back.  Or call me, Steve Johnson, 
and I can give you some more info.  My number is 615.662.8516.

It is warm in LA (Lower Alabama) this time of year, so Northern crowd, get on 
down here.

Steve Johnson
Pitts S-2B  N16BM
Nashville, TN


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