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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:95] 22th Crippa Trophy - Milan, Italy

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:95] 22th Crippa Trophy - Milan, Italy


Thread: [IAC-L:95] 22th Crippa Trophy - Milan, Italy

Message: [IAC-L:95] 22th Crippa Trophy - Milan, Italy

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:55:56 UTC


Second and last round of 22th Crippa Trophy, held on Biella-Cerrione Airport 
on June 14-15, 1997 for Sportsmen and Unlimited Category. Contest was valid 
for Italian Championship as well as, for Unlimited, for qualification in 
Italian National Team for 1st WAG in Turkey next September.
Uncertain weather, with some showers and low cloud, partially obstacled 
run-ups on Friday June 13 and contest flights on Sat June 14, but a very 
high flight pace allowed to complete minimum mumber of flights (Known and 
Unknown #1 for Sportsmen, Known and Free for unlimited) before Saturday 
evening. A bright sunshine on Sunday allowed nice flights and everything 
went well.
In Sportsmen, veteran Guido Giraudo won with a careful tactics, while his 
opponents, even if better scored in Known, gained some zeroes and lost 
position. Noteworthy is the 1st place of Elena Corte (dubbed Mary Ginger) in 
Known program, first ever for a woman in Italy.
In Unlimited, Sergio Dallan is back to victory after last year's heavy 
accident posed his career into doubts. Nevertheless, Sergio overcame all 
physical problems as well as his new mount, a SU-31, and put his 
well-prepared opponents behind. Renzo Voceri flew well but his aircraft is 
showing the times and is no longer able to withstand with modern sequences, 
while Maurizio Costa is now fully mastering the venerable CAP-21DS "Silver 
Chicken" he now owns together with Dallan. Results will come for both.
Next stop is Lugo on June 28-29 for Intermediate and Advanced.
Herebelow the final results.

1    GIRAUDO G.     CAP-10    Cuneo          78.22
2    BARUCHA A.     CAP-10    Lugo      75.28
3    VIPADI E. CAP-20    Milano         73.83
4    MENEGHINI M.   CAP-10    Lugo      73.06
5    ZUANAZZI F.    CAP-20    Milano         72.34
6    CORTE E.  CAP-10    Milano         71.62
7    CASTELLAZZI R. CAP-10    Milano         70.05
8    FAVETTA F.     CAP-10    Lugo      69.22
9    LOI M.         CAP-10    Viterbo        68.39
10   CASELLA P.     CAP-10    Lugo      67.25
11   GROSSO S. CAP-20    Milano         65.25
12   TOMASINI A.    CAP-10    Milano         65.18
13   PIZZAMIGLIO M. CAP-10    Savona         63.07
14   DEL ROSSO R.   CAP-10    Milano         60.54
15   PALOSTI P.     CAP-20    Milano         59.22

1    DALLAN S. SU-31          Milano         83.78
2    VOCERI R. Z50LA          Viterbo        79.24
3    COSTA M.  CAP-21DS  Milano         79.09
4    CILLARIO G.    CAP-231        Cuneo          72.25
5    PASINI I.      SU-29          Lugo      67.22
6    CARUGNO D.     Z50LA          L'Aquila       58.96

     Luca Salvadori
     European Correspondent
     Sport Aerobatics
     Milan - Italy


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