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I thought you might appreciate the Aussie view of things from Slovakia.
Dobry Den and hi there, things are fine here.

Tom gained two placings because a few other pilots protested about the
wind strength and reflew their free sequences - and two of them got
zeroes for a figure! This pushed them behind tom and left him in 36th
place - in the top half.

Mal flew the first unknown and got one zero, we think, but lots of
other pilots were getting zeroes.

Tom should fly his unknown in about four hours from now and he is
feeling quite good about it.
Tom and I both have mouth-organs and we are driving everybody mad by
practicing Waltzing Matilda constantly. Had caviar last night -big
bowlful on ice for about $10.
   Dobry Den and hello all from Slovakia,

Tom flew very well in his first unknown. No zeroes but six outs ...
lots of other pilots were getting zeroes and lots of outs too so it is
likely that hisposition will improve.
Mal zeroed his tailslide by going the wrong way, but otherwise flew

We don't know the overall results yet because the leading pilots are
just now flying the first unknowns - we had a little weather break
because of rain this morning.

There was also a drama as Sergei Boriak of Kazakhstan had a control
failure while flying Mike Goulian's Extra 300s. It happened during the
7th manoevre of the unknown and apparently the stick jammed over to
one side and both ailerons were pointing up. Sergei wrenched the stick
back to the middle and regained control of one aileron. He climbed to
consider jumping out and using his parachute, but decided to land and
did so safely. The aileron bellcrank had broken away inside the wing
and the wing skin has delaminated at the trailing edge, possibly
caused when Sergei wrenched back the stick. An Extra engineer is
coming to fix it, but Mike Goulian and Sergei will probably fly the
unknown in a borrowed aircraft.
we are still having fun, the Italians cooked spaghetti for every
Dobry Den again from John,

Tom climbed a place to 35th after the first unknown - he did not zero
anything but he reckoned that his six outs cost him about ten places.

Mal pulled up from 60th place to 48th , a terrific result. They are
now waiting to fly the second unknown. (results are on the web site
but they WRONGLY say that the second unknown has been flown.

It is a very hard second unknown, the lower ranks have flown it and
there were lots of zeroes, breaks and outs, so it will be an
interesting test of the best.

Patrick Paris is winning with Nikolai Timofeev second and Svetlana
Kapanina third .. and those guys (and gal) can certainly fly. It is a
hell of an experience to see what they achieve and know just how hard
it is to do.

I did my best for the team last night at a special party at Trencin
Castle which included folk music and dancing and a historical tour and
lots of slivovicz .. I impressed all the locals by dancing like a
gypsy. It was terrific until I fell down.
Everyone else behaved themselves.

Dobry Den from Slovakia on Friday Morning.

Tom and Mal both flew yesterday and did well. We don't know the final
positions yet because the top 30 or so pilots are flying the last
unknown now.

Tom got NO zeroes and one out. Tom has completed the competition with
no zeroed manoevres at all, which is very good indeed when you look at
the difficult figures they have to fly. His scores look good so we
keep our fingers crossed for an improvement in his final position.

Mal had two zeroes, unfortunately, but many other pilots have done
this as well.He got no outs at all during the competition, which is

For those who didn't catch up on all the changes of plans,David lowy
and Steve Hart pulled out of the team because of various reasons,
including business pressures and plane problems.

Tom managed to rent the Extra 300s belonging to Xavier Lapparent and
he and Mal have been training in Germany and Trencin with Xavier. Mal
had not flown an Extra till he came here so he is doing well. Tom
loves the single-seat Extra and now wants to buy one!

John Ambler was to fly his new Sukhoi 31, but it was not ready. He was
offered the use of a Sukhoi 29, but was not keen ......
John Sharpe


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