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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Shell Commercial


Thread: [IAC] Shell Commercial

Message: [IAC] Shell Commercial

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From: Jim Klick <klick at>

Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 12:56:31 UTC


  Patty is probably one of the best spokesmen (spokesperson) for 
aerobatics, but we can all do more, and benefit from it ourselves.

I went to my local Shell Service Station, where I have been having
my cars serviced for a long time, and asked him for some sponsorship.
I put a Shell logo (which he acquired), the Aeroshell streak (I picked
up at Oshkosh), and his station name (decals) on my yellow S1S. The
color helped sell him on the idea. He supplies all the Aeroshell oil 
I need. Now, granted, it's not a megabucks contract, but every dollar
helps. I let him keep the trophies I win at his station for a few
months before I take them home. My wife would just as easily let him
keep them forever.

The big deal that he appreciates the most was when the local town had
their annual Founder's Day Parade, and asked the airport manager if
he had a way to take part. We put my airplane on a car carrier and
towed it through town in the parade behind one of the airport tugs.

For a long time, people came into his station just to ask to see
"his" airplane. We stopped at the station enroute to the parade
and took a bunch of pictures at the pumps.

This kind of stuff is doable. You don't have to be as good, famous,
or good looking as Patty. You just have to look for the opportunities.
No one is going to come looking for you. Unless you are as good,
famous or good looking as Patty. (Can you tell I like her??)


Jim Klick


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