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Sport Aerobatics Table of Contents - February 1996

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Sport Aerobatics Table of Contents - February 1996

Linda Hamer

Karen Diamond
823 North 123rd Court
Omaha, NE 68154-1416
FAX: 402/496-3283

Managing Editor
Sharon Heuer
FAX: 414/426-6768

Contributing Editors
Jerry Gerdes
Dr. Richard Rihn
Larry Runge
Damon Wack
John Cornwell
Carlys Sjoholm
Doug McConnell

Computer Graphics Specialist Jennifer Larsen

In This Issue...
4    Editors Desk
      by Karen Diamond
5    President's Page
      by Linda Hamer 
6    NewsBriefs 
9    Pitts - Made in the USA
      by Karen Diamond
14  HeadsUp
      by Jerry Gerdes 
15  Hall of Fame
      by Dr. Richard Rihn
16  Technical Safety
      by Larry Runge
17  U.S. Aerobatic Team News
      by Carlys Sjoholm 
19  Product Review
      by Damon Wack
20  'Box'ing Lesson
      by John Cornwell 
22  Gallery
23  Competition News
25  Treasurer's Report
      by Doug McConnell
27  Advertiser's Index
28  Achievement Awards
29  New Members
34  Calendar of Events
36  Classifieds
37  IAC Information
38  The Last Page

On the Cover:
An all-American aerobatic airplane - 1988 Pitts S-2B owned and piloted by Wayne Richards over Santa Clarita, California. Photo by John Bell of Grenada Hills, California. Photo plane: Beech Travel Air flown by Dan Dupre. See Pitts: Made in the USA, a story about the Aviat Aircraft factory in Afton, Wyoming beginning on page 9.

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