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XVIII World Aerobatic Championships 1996

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XVIII World Aerobatic Championships 1996

XVIII World Aerobatic Championships 1996

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Disclaimer: These IAC pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.


August 18 - 30, 1996
Clarence E. Page Airport
Oklahoma City, OK USA
Carl Whittle, Director


Fly-In Spectator Event

18th World Aerobatic Championships

(OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, August 13, 1996)--Ticket sellers will be just off the end of the runway at Oklahoma City's Clarence E. Page Airport to collect from private aircraft arriving for The 18th World Aerobatic Championships (WAC) August 18-30.

Three-hundred twenty-eight feet (100 meters) over that runway, 102 of the best aerobatic pilots in the world will be in continuous competition for the biennial title to one or more of the seven historic WAC World Cups and Trophies. Thirty judges from 16 countries score each pilot's ability to perform the required events in a 1,000 meter cube or "box" above the runway.

Usually held privately in a European or Eastern Bloc country, the WAC last staged in the USA in 1980, is being presented for the first time as a stand-alone spectator event. Americans will have to go to the Czech Republic to see the next WAC.

One measure of the importance of 18th World Aerobatic Championships is the extensive web site the Smithsonian has added to its Internet home page. Fans around the world can pull the latest WAC information into their computers by going to Beginning August 21, a WAC Leader Board on the web site will be updated within minutes after a pilot lands and the judges turn in their scores.

Advance ticket sales have been made to 47 states with the greatest number of fly-in spectators expected within three hours flying time from Oklahoma City. The FAA has set up a portable station on the usually uncontrolled field. The Oklahoma City All Sports Assn. is equipping the field with facilities for people camping overnight beside their airplanes, RV's and automobiles.

"We are introducing the sport of competitive aerobatics to U.S. spectators," Carl Whittle, WAC Director explained. "We know it's easier to discover a new sport if you can have a little time to learn about it while you and your family are comfortable and being entertained with first class events and talent. Based on experience gained at the Aerospace America Air Show, we are creating an environment for people of differing interests and a "menu" of non-aviation attractions and multinational presentations to make sure this is a family party while it is also a World-Class competition.

Whittle explained, "The planes operate in a more tightly controlled area than an air show, so every seat is a good seat. Each program is repeated, therefore even the new fan can easily learn the difference between a pilot's ability to perform precise aerial movements and the `style and grace' that goes beyond a perfect technical performance."

The 18th WAC will present more nations and more pilots than ever before in the history of this international event. Twenty-three of the female pilots and 63 of the male pilots have already arrived in Oklahoma. All pilots, male and female compete as equals.

Sanctioned by the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) and Commission Internationale de Voltige Aerienne (CIVA), this biennial competition has been recognized by the FAI since 1960 and by the National Aeronautical Association of the USA since 1964.

For two days, August 19-20, each pilot will be given an opportunity to practice inside the competition "box" at Page Airport prior to the official start of the competition. Then August 21-30 competition is on.

Each competitor will have 10 minutes to execute up to 15 specific maneuvers in each of three categories, the Known Compulsory Flight Program, the Freestyle Flight Program and the Unknown Flight Program. August 30, a select few pilots will compete in the Four Minute Freestyle Flight Program.

Friday, August 23 is the day the Aviation Trade Center opens featuring aviation products, services and aircraft from around the world. The Trade center will be open through August 26. That evening is set aside for the Airport Barbecue and Social featuring great food and entertainment western style.

The Festival of Nations Celebration will be presented Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25. Featured will be food from some of the WAC competitor nations and two full days of unmatched on-stage family entertainment.

The climax to the 18th World Aerobatic Championships is an elegant Awards Banquet Friday evening August 30 at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Heritage Center. This is the time for the presentation of well earned Trophies, Cups and Medals. It is always an impressive moment when the new champions come forward to take possession of their reward for a job well done. The winners earn the right to display the trophy in their home country until the 19th WAC during 1998 in the Czech Republic.

Ticket information may be obtained by calling Oklahoma City All Sports Association at 1-800-434-5000 or 405/236-5000; Fax 405/236-5008.

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