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IAC Discussion Summary

IAC Discussion Summary

Delivery-Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 19:24:42 -0400

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Disclaimer: These IAC pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.

Collected by: Charles Clegg


What Intercom do you recommend for a Pitts?


Mark Heiner Test Pilot for Aviat Aircraft Inc, manufacturers of the Pitts uses The PM1000 II with ANR Headsets--- Pilots ANR 17-76. WORKS GREAT

Try the PM1000 II, this is what the factory installs in the Pitts S2-C. It has separate squelch for the pilot and co-pilot, so using headsets with different mics is not a problem. Scott Tanner

We've been spec'ing the PM1000II voice activated intercom in all of our new S-2C's, and we have had good success. We're close enough that you could hop down and check it out for yourself if you like.
Bob Brown
Jerry Supple Aircraft Sales
Winston-Salem, NC
Tel: 336-776-9000

I've found that the mics make a much bigger difference than the intercom. We used to use the same arrangement (KX-155 and plain mics with muffs.) Some headsets worked far better than others. Later we added a PM1000 intercom, and still got mixed results. The someone, on this list I think, suggested trying mics that are specially designed for high-noise environments. I picked up two Flightcom A7A.1 mics and put one on a DC headset, and the other on my flying helmet. That made all the difference in the world. The static and background noise is still there, but much less prominent, and complaints from the front seat passenger and ATC virtually went away. It is still important to use mic muffs, however. DJ Molny
Evolving Systems, Inc.
Pitts S-2B, N5351N

I too am using a PM1000 in my S2B and it is OK at best. The reason I say this is that I normally will have a student in the back seat where he has to adjust the squelch on the ground to communicate with me -- as soon as we take off, however, once again the squelch has to be adjusted to compensate for the high noise level. Once I get these guys comfortable fooling with the squelch -- the intercom works very well. One suggestion is to check out the NAT intercom made by Northern Airborne in Canada. I put one of these in a Turbine Goose that was nearly unbearable in the cockpit even with a Bose headset. Absolute the clearest intercom I have ever used, you never had to adjust the squelch and there was no engine noise in the background. Pretty expensive unit compared to the others. I am using a standard David Clark headset and find the noise level acceptable in the Pitts. Seems to be the headset of choice. Mark Jacobson

I use a sigtronics spa400n designed for a high noise environment. I use it with Bose headsets with the Oregon Aero mic muffs. It is in a 260hp Great Lakes with both cockpits open and works well except at take off power.

We have an S-2B with a quietflite intercom with Bose headsets. It is perfect. Hot wired into the elec. system (no batteries) and a jack for a CD player. We never have to touch a thing, and the volume is at about half.

I have an Isocom in my -2A and it seems to work well. The secret is to use a good quality noise cancelling mike. I use a Clark headset with the electret mike and it seems to work well. Charlie Harrison

Absolutely nothing better in the Pitts than the QuietFlite. I had one in my B for giving instruction and it worked perfectly at every noise level from T.O. power on down. Seldom had to even adjust the VOX sensitivity for different students. All that plus it handles music with excellent fidelity if you like to plug in a Discman or similar on your X-countries. Brian Howard

WE use an NAT AA80 InterVOX Intercom in a Zlin 526F that is noisier cockpit than a Pitts. It is fabulous. (John and Terri Nagy)

I have NAT in my Citabria...okay, it's not noisy. Cleanest sounding intercom I've ever been exposed to; instantly on as opposed to some where you have to clear your throat or go "aahh" before speaking. If you open one up, you'll understand why it's so pricey; like looking at a piece of fine broadcast equipment, up against a high school shop project.

NAT Professional Intercoms
AA80-001 4 Place/VOX ICS.................$349.00
AA80-020 4 Place/VOX/PTT/ICS Tie...$499.00
AA80-060 6 Place/VOX ICS.................$465.00
AA85-001 2-6 Pl......................................$535.00
Can accomodate 2, 4, Or 6 Place installations

We bought ours (NAT Intercom) from College Park Radio. (301) 927-0505. We didn't specify a Brand . . . just flat said "install the best" . . . and we never looked at the Brand name until someone complimented the unit and asked what it was.
Northern Airborne Technology Ltd.
Kelowna BC, Canada
V1Y 4N7
Fax: 250-762-3374
Contact: Rosemarie Galligan

(A technican at NAT suggested the AA80-020 for the Pitts high noise envoirnment. He said that the list price for this is $545. I found a local dealer who will sell it for $450, plus the installation.) Thanks for all the help.

Charles Clegg
Asheville, NC

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