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IAC Discussion Summary

IAC Discussion Summary

Microair 760 radio

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Disclaimer: These IAC pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion.

Collected by: From: Gary Novack


I'd like to know if anyone can report anything regarding the small panel mounted 760 transceiver that has been recently advertised by Aircraft Spruce and also by Microair in Trade-A -Plane.

This is a panel mounted transceiver that fits into a 2 1/4" instrument hole and is only 5.3" long. I'm thinking about using it in my Pitts, but would like to hear from anyone that may have already purchased and installed this unit or my know someone that knows avionics that could advise me prior to my purchase decision .

The advertisement in Trade-A- Plane states that they will be at Booth 1234 at Oshkosh. If anyone is going to be cruising throughout the exhibits buildings next week at Oshkosh, please look over this display and let me know what you think this unit.

The web site is

From: Gary Novack


I got back last night from Oshkosh and found some information on the Microair 760 VHF panel mount transceiver. It fits a standard 2 1/4" instrument hole, 5.3" (135 mm) long and weights 19.4 oz (550g). The list price is $850.00 and had a special price of $750.00 during the show. It has 760 channels, two line display with flip flop frequency selection, 10 memory channels, priority memory channel for quick access, adjustable squelch control, LED readout of Transmit/Receive status, stuck mike annunciator.

You can contact Microair Electronics Pty, Ltd. at phone 011 61 7 5448 8877
fax 011 61 7 5448 8866
Web: htpp://

On the other hand, the Becker AR 4201 radio was sold only by Chief Aircraft and had a list price of $1750.00 but had a sale price during the show of $1570.00. Expensive. This unit has 5 watts minimum output power, 760 channels with active and standby frequency displays, weights 1.5 lb and fits a standard 2 1/4" mount. It has a bulit-in intercom.

As I told you, I had this unit and I liked it very much, although I consider it expensive for being only a radio. I didn't record the length of this unit, but it is no longer than 5.4". You can call Chief Aircraft at 1 800 447 3408 or 1 541 474 2409. Their web page is

From: "Dra. Luisa Romero"

The Microair 760 lists for US$850.00 and is available through Aircraft Spruce and Skysports. I do not have their contact details to hand but they both advertise widely and are on the WWW.

We supply the radio with a straight exit 15 pin D Sub computer style connector. If you still need to save depth you could use a 90 degree connector which should be locally available.

We have sold about 350 units with about 100 being sold at Oshkosh.

Spruce will be able to provide you with support however I am pleased to say that to date we have not seen an in service failure. Our radio has several protection circuits built in for example we do not have a transmit duty cycle.

With regards to the power amp we have not put this into production as every customer has been satisfied with the performance of the standard unit.

I hope this answers your questions if you need to know more please contact us.

From: Tom Boyd

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