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Collected by: John Harlan


I'm trying to find the United Instrument's part number for the appropriate combination manifold pressure/fuel pressure gauge for an S1S Pitts with an AEIO360-B4A (180 HP). The T model uses the 6331-H86, but I suspect the gauge may be different (a different "H" number) for the 200 HP engine, since the fuel pressure side is calibrated in gal/hour, based on injector spider pressure.

From John Harlan


The instrument used to show fuel flow on lycoming engines is based on pressure and the number of injectors. With this in mind, the same gage will work on both engines. The max pressure will be lower,and so will the "flow" and the HP. Century Inst. Co. 1-800-733-0116, lists 6 gages that will work. P/N K1000-3 is listed for IO-360-B1B,B1D,B1E, as a 2-18 gph unit. The others are for more or less flow,or in other units such as PPH and LPH.

As such, the United 6331-H86 is calibrated properly for the 180 and 200.

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