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Search Form for ACRO E-mail Exploder Archive

Search Form for ACRO E-mail Exploder Archive

You can search the ACRO Exploder Archive through Google with this form:
This search is very fast and works quite well.

If you want to specifically search for information in the From or Subject fields, you can use the following form. It lets you search the ACRO E-mail archive for specifiec fields. There are three search fields, the From: field, the Subject: line, and the message body. They can be searched separately or together. You can require certain fields to be matched or you can select posts that do not have a specified word in them. You can search by whole word or by partial word. The search is done sequentially through reading the archive files, so it is very slow slow.

The following syntax is allowed in the search fields:

Search years through




This does not sort by number of hits in a message and doesn't count the total number of messages found. It is much faster if you get more than 25 hits and you want to get the next set of matches.

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