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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] New 'Sponsor Development' Committee Forming


Thread: [IAC] New 'Sponsor Development' Committee Forming

Message: [IAC] New 'Sponsor Development' Committee Forming

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From: "McConnell, Doug" <Doug_McConnell at MCFA.COM>

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 15:59:41 UTC


  Calling all IAC members!

The IAC Board of Directors has authorized a new national committee to be
formed.  This committee (Sponsor Development Committee) will report to the
IAC President and be responsible for developing long term funding
relationships with key sponsors for IAC needs.

This is not to be confused with the US Aerobatic Foundation... The
Foundation is similarly engaged developing its own sponsors and donors to
support the cost of sending our three teams into world competition.  This
new IAC committee will not be working on team funding, but will coordinate
with the Foundation relative to sponsor targeting so as too avoid confusion
and sponsor over-load.

The need for sponsorship funding for IAC is primarily connected to the cost
of producing the annual national recognition awards for outstanding
achievement in various volunteer categories, along with all of the national
championship awards for pilots who take top places at the IAC Championships
(held in conjunction with the Championship of the Americas) and the US
Nationals  (held each fall in Sherman-Dennison, TX).  In addition, there are
other event-related costs at both championships including appreciation gifts
for key volunteers and event committee members.  The US Nationals also has
costly event support elements which must be funded such as PA systems,
chemical toilets, scoring equipment, shade tents, walkie-talkies, and misc.
rentals, along with consumables such as bottled water, food services, door
prizes, practice fuel, etc.

This committee will also work closely with the Contest Management Committee,
directly with the IAC Executive Director,  and also with the Championship
Contest Director(s).

We will need members to volunteer who would like to work in this most vital
area at the national level and who would gain satisfaction from helping
create outstanding championship events and national award programs.
Committee members will also have the opportunity to work with and get to
know many of IAC's top leaders and key volunteers.

We would 'prefer', in particular, members with experience in fund-raising
and sponsor development.

If you have a skill and interest in development of sponsor funding and long
term sponsor relationships, and if you would like to help in the development
of these most important national events, please let me know.  If you can
volunteer to "chair" this new committee, please make that known also.

We will need 5-10 persons who can dedicate some of their scarce "free-time"
to helping the IAC in this most vitally important area.

There will be reimbursement for costs of telephoning and mail, and related
committee work.  We would also hope to orchestrate a time when you could
meet as a committee, perhaps at one of the Championships or at EAA
AirVenture-Oshkosh, or at Sun 'N Fun, least once to get started.
Otherwise, the budget will be fairly limited.  As with most volunteer work,
your reward will be the fun and friendships that you will develop over time.

I would like to announce the members of this new committee at the March
Board of Directors meeting, so please volunteer right away if you are

Thanks for considering this most important work for the IAC.

Regards,   Doug McConnell, President
Dmcconnell at <mailto:Dmcconnell at IAC.ORG> 
(708) 481-5933 fax
(708) 481-3152 phone


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