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Thread: [IAC] Mag

Message: [IAC] Mag

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From: Ed Duckwater <duckwater at>

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:21:30 UTC


  Where in the hell are my Sport Aerobatic Magazines? I have had 1 (January)
since September. I know it is improved but Id rather have the old monthly
POS then a semi-good one every six months. WTFO? My Boy's Life magazine
comes every month religiously. The IAC has left me no option. I am
organizing the Duckwater Aerobatic Club (DAC. It will be like the IAC with
the following changes:

1. All Judges will be drunk off their asses. (Flying, like broads, looks
much better drunk)

2. You will get a magazine every month. It might be a dog-eared, well read
Penthouse or Jugs from my private stash, but you will get something.

3. Cross-dressers will be able to try out for the Women's Unlimited Team.
Making the US Team for these broads has been as easy as getting a girl from
Jersey in the sack. Its time the Duck in Drag gave them some competition.

4. Bonus Points for attending the entire contest naked. From Tech Inspection
to the Banquet, no clothes allowed. (Special exemption for Bob Bogan to
remain fully clothed)

5. Employ a strategic marketing campaign in Northern Laos, specifically
targeting young Laotian Boys in the hopes of luring them into the DAC.

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