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Thread: [IAC] Mag

Message: Re: [IAC] Mag

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From: DSowder at

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 04:46:21 UTC


  In a message dated 4/19/00 1:22:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
duckwater at writes:

<< Where in the hell are my Sport Aerobatic Magazines? >> Blah, blah, blah, 
and furthermore: << My Boy's Life magazine comes every month religiously. >>

Boy's Life! Boy's Life!!?? My Boy's Life subscription is even more delinquent 
than SA... I haven't seen a BL in at least 35 years, maybe 40. By now, surely 
if I sold enough boxes of greeting cards, Christmas cards, or whatever, I 
could "win" a real Pitts instead of the Daisy BB gun or the Cox fly-apart 
PT-19 U-Control trainer I always dreamed about. Arrrrrgh, Duck...don't take 
me back like this! Rod Serling...Science Fiction Theater...CAP Logo on silver 
7AC Champ....dirt field, first airplane ride in back seat of Champ with my 
little brother (also in back seat of same Champ at same time)...Dad's new '59 
Caddy with taillights that looked just like water-pump-up Superman 
rockets...Mom's old black Kaiser with visor...NO!  NO! Quick, dear, some 
Tequila before I'm lost in the '50's!

Doug Sowder
These must be the good old days....


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