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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii


Thread: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

Message: RE: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

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From: "Brent Rogers" <Brent.Rogers at CIBC.COM>

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 18:10:43 UTC


  Hi John,

I don't recall his initial but he was a retired Northwest captain and had (if I
recall all this correctly) time in a lot of interesting types including I think
F4U's and other interesting stuff I'll probably never get to fly.
He retire to Hawaii and set up Soar Hawaii and as he explained it found out he
wasn't really retired at all so sold the business to the current owner but
continued to instruct there on a casual basis.
I was there on a business convention sort of deal and had never flown a glider
before but thought it would be a good opportunity.
I did an hour in the Grob with him ridge soaring just to learn a bit and get the
feel of the machine etc. then landed and we got towed up again and did 0.5 or so
aerobatics in it. Different experience than powered aerobatics. LOTS of rudder
in roll due to the long arm with ailerons way out there and for some reason I
had a tendancy to let the nose drop while inverted despite knowing it would take
plenty of forward stick. No rudder in loops and a/s builds pretty fast on the
downside if you don't keep the stick right back throught the loop (as I recall).
I enjoyed it and could have ridge soared all day if I'd had the time and $'s.
I think I have his e-mail address at home or you could send c/o soarhi at
if you wanted

Brent Rogers

From: John Cornwell <jcornwel at> on 05/18/2000 01:44 PM

To:   Brent Rogers/MM/CIBC-CB at CIBC-CB, Timothy McCulloch
      <pittspilot at> at SMTP at Exchange
cc:   iac at at SMTP at Exchange
Subject:  RE: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

Elmer Udd???  You've got to be kidding.  And his middle inital is F right?

-----Original Message-----
From:     Brent Rogers [SMTP:Brent.Rogers at CIBC.COM]
Sent:     Wednesday, May 17, 2000 1:27 PM
To:  Timothy McCulloch
Cc:  iac at
Subject:  Re: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

I was in Honolulu in January. There is a good outfit that I did some ridge
soaring and glider aerobatics in a Grob 103 with on the north shore (Soar Hawaii
at Dillingham Field I believe it was, ask for Elmer Udd) and there was a
gentleman who offered dual in a Cap 10 out of the main airport but I cannot
recall any Pitts.

I did some pretty thorough research before I left for Hawaii and I think I used
AOPA's online airport directory to track down what airports there were and who
operated out of them.
Brent Rogers

From: Timothy McCulloch <pittspilot at> on 05/17/2000 01:15 PM

To:   mwishop at at SMTP at Exchange, iac at at SMTP at Exchange
Subject:  Re: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii

Hi there

Last time I was there I found a guy giving Pitts rides in an S2b at the
airport on the North Shore of oahu. I remember that he was an instructor.
The price may turn your tail, but maybe he will negiotate.

>From: "Machine Works Inc" <mwishop at>
>Reply-To: "Machine Works Inc" <mwishop at>
>To: "'IAC'" <iac at>
>Subject: [IAC] Looking for a pitts in Hawaii
>Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:18:18 -0500
>Good Morning,
>    I'll be in Hawaii from 5/24-6/2 and would like to get some time in a
>Any suggestions???
>Dave weber
>Dave Weber
>Machine Works Inc.
>Wrk 979 775-5841
>Cll   979 224-4993
>Fax 979 823-4238
>dweber at

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