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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] New England Aerobatic Championships are ...


Thread: [IAC] New England Aerobatic Championships are ...

Message: [IAC] New England Aerobatic Championships are BACK ON!

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Steve Pennypacker <stevep at>

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:11:13 UTC


Hear ye, hear ye!  The New England Aerobatic Club harkens all pilots to
challenge them and their flying machines to an aerial duel (well, something
like that) at the olde Orange Municipal Airport, Orange, MA, on the newly
established weekend of September 8-10, 2000.  Ye pilots may dust the rust
from yon shining steeds during a day of practice in the box before the main
event, and that day be Thursday, September 7.  

They say the third try never fails, so this one is sure to be a winner! All
ye brave people of the air, descend from the skies over Orange for a
weekend of good fun and good spirited competition, and let the noble
brothers and sisters of Chapter 35 show you all a good time while we
soundly whip the rest o' yer tails in the air!!!  Those remaining by
Saturday evening will be treated to another fine feast by the good ladies
and gents at Ye Olde Mill, who have found it in their hearts to feed and
shelter us yet again.


OK, now for the serious stuff...

Hi folks,

We in the New England Aerobatic Club, IAC Chapter 35, invite you to join us
for the new, improved, and rescheduled 2000 New England Aerobatic
Championships on September 8-10 at Orange Municipal Airport, Orange,
Massachusetts.  The box will be open beginning Thursday the 7th for
practice and registration.  

We'll still have 5 categories of power flights.  The three-day format will
provide the best possible opportunity for all pilots of all categories  to
fly a full set of flights (at least Basic, 2 Sportsman, 3 Int/Adv/Unl).  If
the weather gods smile on us, which they will if they know what's good for
'em, we'll add additional flights for Basic and Sportsman and shoot for 3
for everyone.

Details follow, and should also be available in the next day or two on the
chapter 35 web site.  See you there!

Steve Pennypacker
Contest Director



Thursday, September 7
     0900 - 1900     Registration; box open for practice (optional for 
			 any competitor)
     1900            Food on the field, TBD

Friday, September 8
     0900 - 1200    Registration; box open for practice - also optional
     1200           Pilot's briefing -- Intermediate, Advanced & Unlimited
     1300 - 1830    Contest flying --  Intermediate, Advanced & Unlimited
     1900           Food on the field, TBD

Saturday, September 9
     0700 promptly Pilots' briefing - all categories
     0800          Registration
     0830 - 1830   Contest flying -- all categories
     1900          Banquet

Sunday, September 10
     0900          Pilots' briefing
     1000 - 1500   Contest flying -- all categories
     1530          Awards ceremony



Please preregister for the contest, even if you're not 100% sure you'll
make it.  If you do, we'll add your name to Thursday's practice list and
give you priority on hangar storage for your aircraft.  Just a note, it
looks like we'll have a third hangar available this year, so tight hangar
space may be a thing of the past.

For a pre-registration kit, contact Rob Petit, Registrar Extraordinaire and
bona-fide acro junkie.  Contact info is listed at the bottom of this file.
(don't ask me for the kit… I'll just point you to Rob).

If you preregistered before the rainout, we still have your package, so
you're already set.  Anyone who sent us a check for registration should
have gotten your check back by now.

Be sure to include your name, home mailing address, daytime and evening
telephone numbers with your request.



In addition to awards for the top 3 pilots in each category, we will award:

  * Best First-Time Sportsman Award
  * Chapter Team Trophy
  * Pitts Cup (Highest placing Pitts/Eagle driver)
  * Grass Roots Achievement Award
  * Highest Placing One Design
  * Most Creative Freestyle Award (but only if it wasn't meant to be)
  * Person who swam the longest distance to get to Orange last time J
           (I think Rich Pinkowski is a shoe in for this one)
  * Most creative landing J



We haven't yet contacted the hotels for block discounts, though that will
likely happen soon.  I'd suggest holding off for a bit until we work out
some deals, but if you're more comfortable taking care of this now, here
are some suggestions.  The rates are a few months old at this point.

The Colonial Bed and Breakfast, in Gardner.  They were great about
cancellations with the rainout, so probably deserve to be rewarded (expect
a 48-hour cancellation policy).  About $95 with breakfast, $90.00 without.
(978) 630-2500.  20 minutes east of the airport on Rte. 2.

The Wachusett Village Inn, in Westminster (same town as the banquet).
Though I have no experience with the quality of the hotel, they clearly
want our business.  May get discounted rates in the $80-$100 range (about
what you'd pay for oil for a single Yak flight J).  (978) 874-2000.

Feel free to stay at the Super 8 Motel in Gardner, Mass.  They've
implemented some new and decidedly unfriendly policies this year, so buyer
beware.  We'll provide transportation there, though we've stopped getting
discounted blocks or recommending them to people.  (978) 630-2888.
Standard room rate is $75 for 1 or 2 people.

Transportation to/from hotels will be provided by our members who elect to
drive to the contest.

Other area hotels to which we'll provide transport:
    Bald Eagle Motel         Orange, MA    978/544-8864
    Quabbin Gateway Motel    Orange, MA    978/544-2986



This year's banquet will again be held Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. at The
Old Mill restaurant in Westminster, Mass.  Back by popular vote at last
year's contest (and also because they haven't kicked us out yet…), the Old
Mill is also near the recommended hotels.  These folks were fantastic with
the cancellation and know how to treat us right.



Contest registration                  
    Basic                   $40
    Sportsman                50       
    Intermediate             60
    Advanced                 65       
    Unlimited                70

Hangar, per night           $12

Food on the field (Thu-Fri): We ask only for a reasonable contribution

Saturday evening banquet:   $27 per person



For the aircraft: 

Airframe and engine logs; airworthiness certificate; registration
certificate; operating limitations; current weight and balance data,
in-pack chute (<120 days) & pack card; proof of insurance ($1 million
minimum), tiedowns if you anticipate leaving your airplane outdoors.

Please remember that 2-way radio communication is now required to compete
in IAC contests.

For the pilot:  

Pilot and medical certificates; IAC membership card; FAI license (Unlimited
competitors only); 7 copies each of free style forms A, B and C, signed and
dated (in '00) by a current IAC judge; ca$h.  

Photocopies of documents are permissible for IAC contest registration;
however, FAA requirements may differ.



By air:  NY Sectional, Gardner (GDM) VORTAC 292 degree radial, 10.3NM.
         42.34.04N, 72.17.28W.  VOR and NDB approaches.

By car:  U.S. Route 2 to exit 16 (U.S. Route 202, Amherst-Belchertown exit).
         Travel 1 mile N and turn left onto Partridgeville Rd.  Travel 1/2
         mile W; find the airport on your left.

Arrival: Runways 14-32: 4998'x150'; 1-19: 5000'x150'.  Field elevation
         555'MSL.  Orange Unicom 122.8.  Runway 1-19 will be closed during
         practice and contest flying.  Fly right traffic for runway 32,
left traffic
         for runway 14.  Caution:  The aerobatic box is southwest and parallel
         to runway 32 and immediately over runways 1-19.  Do not overfly the
         airport.  No touch 'n goes (Pitts pilots performing bounce 'n goes




Rob Petit
319 Lake St.
Arlington MA, 02474
(H) 781-646-5038
(W) 781-687-1091
rjpetit at

Contest Director:

Steve Pennypacker
68 Pilgrim Rd.
Holliston, MA 01746
H: (508) 429-1171
W: (508) 810-1389
steve at

Orange Municipal Airport manager:  (978) 544-8189.


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