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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Moronic Pansy Ass Comittee


Thread: [IAC] Moronic Pansy Ass Comittee

Message: Re: Re: [IAC] Moronic Pansy Ass Comittee

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From: "Rick Hoffton" <hereiam at>

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 16:06:32 UTC


  Dear Mr. and Mrs Durbin

By the content of your post I am left only to believe that you agree
andalign your thinking with that of "AcroPimp" and Ray McCall.

The response to their attack on Melanie and Mr.Fraim was Sarcastic
Humor, nothing vicious nor containing profanity.  I find it absolutely
incredible that you accept that type of post and then, remark to mine.
 And you are correct in your understanding of the drug Prozac,
possibly too familiar.

If you truly believe in crushing enthusiasm for aviation because it
doesn't fit "your thinking"
of what should be posted and what should not I bet there is room on
the MPAC committee for one or two more,  you seem to fit all the
election criteria.

Aviation, Aerobatics,Soaring all thrive and grow from enthusiasm, this
exploder is a wonderful means of transmitting that vigor, that
enthusiasm, the addiction of flying.  Crushing it as "Acropimp" and
McCall and you for that matter does nothing to help.

By the way what did you find Vulgar, never mind it must have been the
thought of Lynn Heffley with the Unlimited Smooth Patch Tattooed to
his Posterior

Have fun on Thursday
Rick Hoffton

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:26:35 -0400 The Durbin's (durbin at

>Mr. Hoffton,
>In your post below, you spoke of Prozac. Isn't that for people that
>psychotic? If I am correct in assuming that it is indeed for people
with a
>psychosis, then I think you could benefit from such a drug. In the
>I'll be watching out for you if you are indeed a pilot with a
medical. I
>hope that others will do the same. It is people such as yourself
(with the
>attitude you carry), that make the air a very dangerous place to fly
>real pilots. Hostility, and lack of control are not the traits of any
>pilot that I have met. Usually pilots that exibit those traits and do
>by some miracle to make it through training, often times find
>uttering the vulgarity that you so frequently display on this
>Tim Durbin
>P.S. Unlike your aliases, that is my REAL name!
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Rick Hoffton" <hereiam at>
>To: <iac at>
>Cc: <Acropimp at>; <RayMcCall at>
>Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 10:41 AM
>Subject: [IAC] Moronic Pansy Ass Comittee
>> An emergency meeting of the IAC( not affiliated with the
>> Aerobatic Club) was held early this morning for the purpose of
>> the New MPAC (Moronic Pansy Ass Committee). The purpose of this
>> committee is to Censor all Post to the IAC(International Aerobatic
>> Club) exploder in order to protect its members from Moronic
>> from aviation enthusiast.
>> In an attempt to eliminate confusion the other IAC acronym Is
>> International Association of Cretons
>> The two leading members of the Cretons, who are actually the same
>> individual, Mr. AcroPimp and Ray McCall were elected to chair this
>> committee.
>> The new Committee now requires that all Post to the exploder be
>> directly for their review and editing expertise. Any post deemed
>> Trite, Moronic, Dribble, Stupid, Innane, Rediculous, Jaded,Biased,
>> Prejudiced or containing any words  in excess of 6 letters will be
>> declined.
>> The new MPAC members pride themselves with being highly familar
>> all the aforementioned traits except those consisting of more than
>> letters. These members are truly at the top of their field in will
>> surely do us a great job.
>> Mr. Acropoop and Mr. McSwill will require all post sent to them be
>> sent in triplicate, so as to save the cost of carbon paper. You
>> be notified as soon as your post has been reviewed.  You must
>> a self addressed postage paid envelope with your post.
>> Please be advised that postings should not be sent for Review on
>> Thursdays of each week for the committee member(s) are at the
>> that day undergoing evaluation and renewing their Prozac
>> prescriptions.
>> Im sure we all will find the content of future posts to be much
>> concise, easier to read and completely eliminate the need for spell
>> check.
>> AcroPuke and Ray McCrap good luck on your undertaking and remember
>> take your pills
>> Rick Hoffton
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