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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] IAC Contractual Responsibilities


Thread: [IAC] IAC Contractual Responsibilities

Message: Re: [IAC] IAC Contractual Responsibilities

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From: RHF Spencer <gwiz at>

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 14:31:57 UTC


  Hi All,

I think Bill is right on the mark here.  I would even support going to
one issue every two months, to insure a quality mag which I would keep
for years.

Regards, -Ron Spencer-
IAC 21005

william B. Finagin wrote:
>         Lisa Wegener:
>           It is not really my policy to reply to E mails about touchy
> subjects, but the Magazine controversy , I believe , deserves another view
> point.   If it is so hard to produce a good magazine at one issue per
> month, and I am aware of most of the problems of the past, given our
> current resources why are we now trying to produce 2 issues each month?
> This really seems self defeating!   We had (or still have) a problem.  Why
> not bite the bullet, let the past stay the past, pick up the pieces and go
> on into the future.   Not getting a few out dated issues which will
> probably be only half filled with relevant materials does not bother me in
> the least.  I am much more concerned with a quality magazine in the future.
>         Could the major reason be that all these issues must be produced to
> fulfill some perceived contractual obligations with the advertisers?   Well
> , I am one , and these "back issues" aren't making me very happy either
> from the advertising position.
>         It would be interesting to poll the readers.  I believe the
> majority would support going forward with one good magazine per month,
> using all of our available resources, forgetting this "two issue per month
> stuff" and let's get on track.  A "May issue in August " simply seems
> rather ridiculous to me.
>         And then again, maybe I am the only one who thinks this way.
> Thanks for listening to another point of view.
>                                         Bill Finagin


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