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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Exhibition Restrictions


Thread: [IAC] Exhibition Restrictions

Message: RE: [IAC] Exhibition Restrictions

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From: "Dungan, Greg D" <DunganGD at>

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 04:29:16 UTC


  There are lots of factory built aircraft that were originally issued a
Standard Airworthiness Certificate in the Acrobatic category but are now
flying on Experimental Exhibition certificates, usually because they no
longer conform to the Type Certificate.  You might be surprised at how many
aerobatic aircraft flown at any given contest are actually certificated
Experimental Exhibition.  

Guidance on what "Experimental Operating Limitations" should be specified by
the inspector or DAR issuing the Experimental Exhibition certificate are
provided in FAA Order 8130.2D, which can be downloaded from the FAA web site

The limitations vary according to what "group" the aircraft falls within, as
defined in 8130.2D.  A Pitts is a Group I aircraft (there are four groups).
The limitations may seem a bit restrictive at first but it's not as bad as
it appears.  Read FAA Order 8130.2D thoroughly.

Greg Dungan
IAC 16628, Ch 58
Pitts S-1S+, N16628 (factory built but now Experimental Exhibition)
National Judge
Patuxent River, MD

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> Sent: 	Friday, August 18, 2000 8:10 PM
> To: 	iac at
> Cc: 	MURD at
> Subject: 	[IAC] Exhibition Restrictions
> A friend (Doug James) is considering buying a modified factory built 
> aerobatic aircraft licensed in Experimental Exhibition category, is
> looking 
> for insight on just how restrictive the licensing category might be for 
> personal flying.  Can he get a liberal proficiency flight release? Any
> direct 
> experience out there?  
> Doug is at MURD at
> Thanks!
> Tom Kerns
> Pitts KS-2B N540TK


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