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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro(23)] Re: [ACRO] Spin & Roll Charictoristics


Thread: [Acro(23)] Re: [ACRO] Spin & Roll Charictoristics

Message: [Acro(23)] Re: [ACRO] Spin & Roll Charictoristics

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From: Clint Callahan <clint at>

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 22:32:22 UTC


  This was an old post but I just now got around to looking at a 
Decathlon. I have only flown an old 7ECA and I wanted to make sure 
that Decathlons had the same setup. On Pitts and Eagles the need for 
a little right rudder during cruise is taken care of with a trim tab 
on the rudder. Some Decathlons have a rudder trim tab, but some do 
not. On all of them the main thing that takes care of the problem is 
that the bottom front of the vertical stabilizer is offset to the 
left. This means that with the rudder centered it is like having some 
right rudder in. It also means at full deflection the rudder is more 
effective to the right.

At 1:36 PM -0500 2/27/01, FriendJohnM at wrote:
>Can someone familiar with Super Ds shed some light on the subject. The
>aircraft aileron rolls easier to the RIGHT than to the left. Shouldn't this
>be opposite? The aircraft upright spin breaks to the right cleaner than to
>the left. The left spin incipient stage feels sloppy and awkward but OK in
>the developed stage. I do have spades. Is there a correlation between these
>two maneuvers and right verses left characteristics or should I treat each
>maneuver separately? The aircraft fly's fine strait and level.
>J. Friend
>Easton, PA


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