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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] WAC Reports


Thread: [Acro] WAC Reports

Message: [Acro] WAC Reports

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From: "Michael R. Heuer" <CIVAPres at>

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:36:03 UTC


  Dear IAC'ers,

Things are going quite well here in Spain --- flying started in Programme Q
yesterday and we have just finished as I write this on Thursday, June 21st,
at nearly 22.00 local time in Burgos.

Please visit the FAI website for Daily Reports on the powered aerobatic
event here in Burgos --- the XXI World Aerobatic Championships --- by going
to  A preliminary report has been posted and Daily Report #1
from yesterday which contains the final pilot list and order of flight for
Programme Q.  I do not expect to post results for Q until tomorrow after
they are finalized.

There is also news on the CIVA website as well concerning the CIVA Rules
Sub-Committee meeting we had here in Burgos on Monday.  Visit

Best regards,

Mike Heuer
President, International Jury
XXI WAC - Burgos, Spain


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