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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Tires for Pitts S-1


Thread: [Acro] Re: Tires for Pitts S-1

Message: [Acro] Re: Tires for Pitts S-1

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From: "Peter Ashwood-Smith" <petera at>

Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 13:20:06 UTC


Interesting, I've heard other people complain about tire wear but my S-1T
has 300 hours on a pair of Goodyear 6 ply tires and they are only now in
need of replacement. That's a minimum of 600 landings/take-offs, and
probably more like 800.

So why would these tires last so long on my plane and not on some other S-1?
I fly off a paved runway. Could take-off, landing technique make such a big
difference? Or is perhaps a slight rigging difference accounting for
more/less wear? Perhaps bungee gear v.s. solid gear makes a difference?

I run my tires at 35 PSI as per the POH.


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	I recently replaced my tires.  I was running Goodyear 6 ply tires.
Even though I
	ran them at a low 15 psi, they were still wearing in the middle and
not on the
	sides.  The 6 ply tires are rated for 1200 lb. each, 2400 lbs.
total, which is
	way beyond the 1150 lb gross of my S1.  I decided to try a 4 ply
tire that Desser
	sells.  It is called  Zero Classic Retro.  I do not have much time
on them but so
	far they look good.  I have more than 4 flights and see no wear yet.
I am
	running them at 25 psi, but again, do not have enough time to say if
the are
	wearing OK.  At the time I bought them Desser had a deal if you
bought the tubes

	Allan Krosner

	Klusmanp at wrote:

	> Having removed an entire season's worth of rubber in my first four
flights, I
	> am in need of some new tires.
	> What kind of tire am I looking for and where do I get them?
	> Thanks!
	> Paul Klusman
	> Pitts S-1S with four flights now!
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