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Hi Allyson,
I have a Garmin GPS 195 which may be more than you want/need. It has an aviation database and I can't say enough good things about it.
The GPS III that someone else mentioned is a sort of smaller version and is also very good, for me the most significant negative to the GPS III is it's small er screen size but it is less expensive and very very portable and would fit SOMEWHERE in almost any cockpit. .
Garmin makes a series of small "mainstream" GPSs without databases (see ) that will be less expensive and with only slightly more effort will work fine. .
Personally, at this time, I would not buy anything but Garmin. They are the industry leader and are generally chosen as such in independent reviews by publications such as Aviation Consumer, Practical Sailor etc. 
I should mention that I have several of their products, own about 3 of them now and have used most of their handheld GPS products almost from the beginning of  "handheld GPS".  I used their very early marine GPSs and have considerable experience with Garmin, including a pleasant experience in "upgrading" to the latest marine handheld model for the same price of and lieu of the flat fee repair charge to fix a cracked faceplate resulting from one of my crew dropping it on the cockpit floor during a particularly rough trip.
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