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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Primer for Durethane.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Primer for Durethane.


Thread: [Acro] RE: Primer for Durethane.

Message: [Acro] RE: Primer for Durethane.

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From: wlansingav <wlansingav at>

Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 15:34:15 UTC


	I would not suggest using spray can zinc chromate under Durethane the 
solvents in the paint will probably lift it. I would suggest using PPG 
DP__LF (insert different numbers for different colors, 40, 50, ect.) epoxy 
primer. PPG also has a polyurethane primer DPU174 (I think that is the 
number) but it can be rather temperamental and would not suggest using it. 
If cost is a factor PPG make a lesser line of products called OMNI. This 
product line has an epoxy primer that is basically the same as the PPG DP 
epoxy primer. You will also want to make sure the hardener for you paint is 
still good. If it has been sitting for a year or to it is most likely not. 
Hope this helps.
							Walter Lansing

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Subject:	[Acro] Primer for Durethane.

Hope y'all don't mind a technical question. I'm making a small aluminum
sub-panel to mount a new intercom in my S-2B. I have some pearl-gray PPG
Durethane left from my original panel, and need to paint all 15 square 
or so of the sub-panel to match. Problem is, I have no epoxy primer left, 
I hate to buy a quart of the stuff to do 15 square inches.

Will an ordinary primer, say zinc chromate, work for Durethane? It doesn't
need to be bulletproof, just not be lifted by the finish paint.


Doug Sowder
Hoping someone else learned the hard way....


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