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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] 1/3 S-2B for sale, eastern Mass.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] 1/3 S-2B for sale, eastern Mass.


Thread: [Acro] 1/3 S-2B for sale, eastern Mass.

Message: [Acro] 1/3 S-2B for sale, eastern Mass.

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From: Steve Pennypacker <spenny at>

Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 03:56:43 UTC


  As much as I've enjoyed being a partner in a terrific S2B for the last few 
years, I regrettably find myself in a position where I need to put my 1/3 
share up for sale.  This is one of the nicest, cleanest S2B's around:

* 1990 Pitts S-2B,   780 TTAE
* Hartzell "Claw" 3-blade composite prop with accumulator (currently $28k 
thru Aviat)
      No crankshaft AD worries!
* Maintained by Dennis Sawyer (former US team mechanic, Oshkosh award 
winner, & Pitts guru)
* Clean airframe, flown only Sportsman & minimal Intermediate.
* Clean engine (not a drop of oil leaking from anywhere)
* Clean fabric/paint (no cracking, peeling, etc)
* Tanis engine preheater
* Hooker harness
* Fuel computer
* King Navcom, transponder, & Mode C
* Smoke
* Rudder/elevator gap seals
* 2 Staudacher sighting devices
* Lang tailwheel
* Flies straight, no problems
* Based at BED

This is a superb airplane and a very smooth running partnership.  $34,000, 
includes $$ in the bank for engine/prop/airframe overhaul.

Steve Pennypacker
(508) 429-1171
steve at


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