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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Acro avionics question


Thread: [Acro] RE: Acro avionics question

Message: [Acro] RE: Acro avionics question

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From: "Peter Ashwood-Smith" <petera at>

Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 16:59:59 UTC


I have the Garmin transponder and it seems to work fine. Not much to say
about it really.

As far as a Comm goes, I'd get one that allows you to receive two stations
simultaneously. This allows you to practice acro over an airport while
monitoring the airport tower etc. AND listen to critique on a separate
frequency from a ground based coach.


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	Subject:	[Acro] Acro avionics question

	I am looking to purchase a comm radio and transponder for a 24volt
system for 
	use in acro plane. 

	Any comments on the following:

	King KY-196 or KY-196A  (24 volt version, similar to KY197 14 volt
	This is the higher power (and priced radio), not the KY 96/KY 97. 
	Looking at a used unit ($750.00).
	I also like the Apollo SL40 comm. This unit works in either 14 or 24
	New price is about $1295 however.

	For transponder, I like the Garmin GTX 320A ($1149).  
	It is all solid state and works on 14 or 28 volt.  Same size and
price range 
	as the trusty King KT76A and Narco AT150 but has no cavity tube. 

	Thanks, Herman
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