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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Aerobatics Canada Chapter 5 - Ottawa/Ga ...


Thread: [Acro] Aerobatics Canada Chapter 5 - Ottawa/Ga ...

Message: [Acro] Aerobatics Canada Chapter 5 - Ottawa/Gatineau

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Alex Belov <belov at>

Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 19:56:05 UTC


Peter's having email problems and asked me to forward this to the Exploder
on his behalf.  Please see below. Alex...

Aerobatics Canada Chapter 5 - Ottawa/Gatineau

Announcing the Aerobatics Canada Chapter 5 contest on June 28, 29, 30th 2002
to be held at the Gatineau International Airport (CYND). We will fly all
power categories Primary thru Unlimited according to IAC 2002 rules. This
contest is sanctioned (informally since its not a US contest) by the IAC.
Airport Information

Gatineau International Airport (CYND) is located about 10nm NW of the city
of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at N45-31-17, W75-33-51 (about 55 minutes North
West of Burlington Vermont by Pitts).

CYND has a single 150' x 6000' paved runway 09/27 with both patterns (we
call them circuits in Canada) done to the north. Due to the position of the
box, patterns to the south will be used when the box is hot otherwise normal
north patterns will be used.

Comm: 122.3 - Gatineau is in an MF or Manditory Frequency zone. It's a bit
of a cross between a controlled and uncontrolled airport. You are expected
to call prior to entering the zone, give your landing intentions (we don't
normally do 45 into the downwind in Canada), call entering the pattern, call
on final and call clear of the runway. There is a controller but their job
is not to give clearances, simply to keep things running smoothly. 

Note: CYND is located in the province of Quebec so you are likely to hear
lots of French spoken on the radio. Don't worry you are not required to
speak French. Just do things normally and the controllers will keep you up
to date of any conflicting traffic.

Note: There is an active parachute drop zone to the south east of the
runway. On arrival you may find skydivers waiting to jump, or in the air, or
landing in that zone. Be on the lookout especially with a south wind for
stray student jumpers!
Aerobatic Box

The box sits parallel to the runway and extends north of the runway 1 km. If
you arrive on Friday when the box is active expect to have to make either
straight in approaches or use patterns to the south of the runway.  Due to
the fact we only have one runway and the box sits up against it, priority
will be given to the aircraft in the box. Landing aircraft may have to wait
if the box traffic is flying advanced or unlimited otherwise straight in or
south patterns to a full stop will be permitted.

The box will be controlled as always by the chief judge or practice
coordinator but handoff will be done from the CYND controller to the chief
judge when requested by the judge.  Take-off, landing and holding will all
be done through the CYND controller until cleared to talk to the judge and
enter the box.
Hanger Space

Hanger space is available but limited. We will assign planes to hanger
spaces based on the order requested and the type of plane. 

There is a nice little restaurant at the airport. Its open from early in the
morning till 9:00 in the evening. There will be a banquet Saturday night at
7:00pm the location is TBD.

$75.00 Unlimited, Advanced, Intermediate, all others $50.00. 

Entry fees may be waived for any aircraft that requires a special flight
permit to enter Canada (since that will have set you back $100 CDN), AND for
any competitor that is a current IAC judge and assists with the judging
duties. We will let you know after the club votes to absorb the costs.


Note to non flying judges - the banquet dinner is free.
Note to non flying volunteers - the banquet fee will be  cost.

Again, this is pending approval by the club members to absorb these costs.

Entrance Requirements 

Current IAC Rules for 2002 will govern the Contest. Please remember to bring
the following items with you:

*	Current EAA Card	
*	Current IAC/Aerobatics Canada Card	
*	Current Pilot License & Current Medical	
*	Current Airworthiness Certificate	
*	Aircraft Registration	
*	Operating Limitations & Weight and Balance	
*	Aircraft & Engine Log Books w/current entries	
*	Certificate of Insurance showing $1 million PLPD and $100K Personal
*	Approved parachute packed within the previous 120 days	
*	Approved Freestyle if appropriate	
*	Set of Tie-downs if appropriate for your aircraft (in the event
Hangar space becomes limited)	
*	Entry Fees	


Friday June 28th: arrivals, registration, box opens at noon for practice
till 6:00pm.

Saturday June 29th: pilots briefing at 7:00am, 8:30am flying begins. 

Saturday June 29th: 8:00pm or so, banquet at location TBD.

Sunday June 30th: pilots briefing at 7:00am, 8:30 flying begins, wrap up by


Unfortunately due to the events of  September 11th you are required to clear
customs at an airport with live customs personal. The closest (about 15nm)
is Ottawa International (CYOW). You are required to call ahead to inform
customs to avoid any nasty surprises and not rely on ADCUS. Call
1-888-226-7277 at least 1 hour but not more than 72 hours before arrival.
Obviously a flight plan is required to cross the boarder unless you want
armed escorts. It works the same way going back to the states but you have
to call customs for the intended airport of entry directly instead of by

Entry to Canada, special requirements for non Standard C of A aircraft:

If your U.S. Registered aerobatic airplane is an Amateur Built/Homebuilt
approval from Transport Canada is no longer required to operate the airplane
in Canadian Airspace. 

Under an agreement between the FAA and Transport Canada, the Pilot in

A copy of this letter can be found at:
So print it out and fill it and simply tuck it in with the rest of your

If your U.S. Registered competition mount is a manufactured airplane with a
Non-Standard Certificate of Airworthiness, ie. Sukhoi or Yak. Approval from
Transport Canada is required to operate the airplane in Canadian Airspace.

Please apply for this Validation as soon as possible - not less than 30 days
before the contest.
Contact Bill Fossey at (613) 952-5854 for more details. You must supply the
following information and there is a $100 CDN Fee. Please note that we will
waive the contest entry fee for aircraft that are required to pay this fee.

*	Certificate of Registration (copy)
*	Special Certificate of Airworthiness (copy)
*	Operating Limitations contained in Special Certificate Period of
time required for Special Flight Authorization to be in effect of
*	Pilot's Licence (copy of) and current medical information


There is nothing really much within walking distance. The following are all
within a 15minute drive. We will have a small van available to shuttle
people to and from the airport in the morning and evening so a rental car
should not be necessary. Your $U.S. goes a long way and you can get a super
nice room for under $60 US per night or live like a king or queen for $100
US per night. Recommendation is for either the Four Points or Best Western
because if we get rained out there is lots to do nearby and its easier to
pick everybody up if they are in one of two close hotels. We have not pre
booked any blocks of rooms.

**** Four Points Sheraton Gatineau/Hull: (819) 778-6111.  This place is
within walking distance of downtown Ottawa, the market, nightlife etc.
Located 2 minutes from the entrance to the highway that leads to the

*** Best Western Jacques Cartier Gatineau/Hull :, (819) 770-8550. This place
is located within walking distance of downtown Ottawa, the market area where
much of the nightlife is, has a pool restaurant etc. Located within 2
minutes of the highway that leads to the airport.

*** Hotel Des Gouverneurs-Gatineau: close to downtown Gatineau, close to
lots of bars etc. (819) 568-5252. 
For others see the Gatineau section of:
Car Rental

If renting a car, make sure you specify pickup at the Gatineau airport and
not just "the airport" otherwise they may assume Ottawa International. 

Hertz: (819) 669-8537
Budget: (819) 243-9999
Discount: (613) 310-2277
National: (819) 643-5419

Other things to do in Ottawa/Gatineau/Hull 
If you get bored Friday night or stuck on Sunday here are a few ideas:

The Hull Casino is only 5 minutes by taxi from the two hotels suggested. Its
pretty big.
Just across the bridge from the hotels in Ottawa you will find nice open air
restaurants, a Chapters, a shopping center with a movie complex inside. All
within 15 minutes walk.
There are two large museums very close one with an IMAX cinema.
Contact Info

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns:

Peter Ashwood-Smith, 
home: (819) 595-9032 
work: (613) 763-4534 
cell: (613) 371 0182
Email: petera at <mailto:petera at> 

Up to Date Info

See: <> 

Alex Belov, President
International Aerobatic Club Chapter 52    


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