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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] [Fwd: Re: Has anyone used a chest-pack ...


Thread: [Acro] [Fwd: Re: Has anyone used a chest-pack ...

Message: [Acro] [Fwd: Re: Has anyone used a chest-pack parachute?]

Attachement: part2.txt

From: Allan Krosner <t28driver at>

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 22:26:44 UTC


I just talked to my freind about his chest pack.  He did get it from Butler.  His
name is Frank Everet and he told me to mention his name to Butler so Butler will
know what to build.


Joel S Utz wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, where did he get it? The only chest pack I
> found when I was looking about a year ago was Butler's Quick Attach
> set up which really doesn't seem usable for aerobatic use.
> >I have a friend, that is about 6' 4", who uses a chest pack for his S1.
> >
> >Allan Krosner
> >
> >Klusmanp at wrote:
> >
> >>  Still thinking about different options for fitting me plus a
> >>parachute into a
> >>  Pitts S-1S. I have not really had a chance to try the fit with a good
> >>  seat-pack so that is still a possibility, but just to throw the question out
> >>  there: Are chest-pack parachutes ever used in the aerobatic aircraft world?
> >>
> >>  Can a skydiver's reserve chute be adapted for this?
> >>
> >>  Thanks,
> >>
> >>  Paul Klusman
> --
>                                                    Joel Samuel Utz
>                                                    jutz at
>                                                    joel.utz at (work)
>                                                    N2279F


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