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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] S-2B Mounts


Thread: [Acro] S-2B Mounts

Message: [Acro] S-2B Mounts

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From: "Nate Wilson" <buzzman at>

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 01:38:55 UTC


Hi All,

      I know this subject came up not long ago on the list, just need a current part number for Lord and Barry engine mounts for Pitts S-2B. The number on the existing mount is J-7401-2. Not sure if this mount still exists or if it has been superseded. Not sure whether I will get Lord or Barry yet, so if anyone has ordered a set of either lately and has the number would appreciate it very much. Also curious if there is a Lord mount for homebuilts (non-certified) made for a dynafocal mount on a 540 Lycoming. Aircraft Spruce lists some similar to the J-7402-5, but they are uncertified I assume and cost much less. I figured the same mount used for a Dynafocal 360 would fit, but wasn't sure if it is made to handle the extra stress of the 6 cylinder engine. Thanks in advance for any and all input. Not going to put the uncertified mounts in the certified S-2B of course, just curious to know for my S-1-11B project.

Nate Wilson
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