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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions


Thread: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions

Message: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions

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From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Hans=20VanAmsterdam?= <hans_pitts at>

Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:33:33 UTC


  Dear Paul,
Thanks a lot for your reply. It seems to me that the
lever arm of the brake cylinder is the first thing to
hit the firewall. (if hydraulic fittings are
in the optimal direction) Is that the point where you
found 1.5" clearance? So far I fly without parachute,
simply not enough room. I have a plywood seat bottom
and seat back. I have seen one S1 with an aluminum
seat bottom and think this might give an extra inch.
Did you pay attention to this detail? I am also 
interested in a different seat back and hoped that
somebody would have a drawing available. I can design
something myself but it has to be correct since there
is a possibility to touch (block) the aileron command
behind the seat. It must also be removable for 
inspection and battery access.
The crucial point is to get the left knee below the
throttle knob. This will greatly improve stick travel
and left aileron deflection. It is a pity to fly an
S1S with reduced left aileron.

Wishing you success in finding an S1. I find 
it the most "fun" airplane in the world and 
understand that I am not alone in this feeling.

Good luck,

 --- Klusmanp at wrote: > Hans,
> I am 6' 4" but mostly legs so we probably have the
> same legroom situation. I 
> do not own an S-1S yet but have looked at/sat in
> several. One that I looked 
> at had adjustable rudder pedals in that there was a
> way to lengthen or 
> shorten the cables from the rudder to the pedals.
> Rather than connecting 
> directly to the pedals the cables were attached to a
> small strip of sheet 
> metal - probably 1" by 4" by .06" thick. Each plate
> had a series of holes 
> drilled along its length. The pedals could be leaned
> forward (toward the 
> firewall) or backward by using the different holes
> as the attach point on the 
> pedals.
> While depressing one of the pedals to the stop (and
> stepping on the brake as 
> well) I could place my hand on top of the pedal and
> feel about 1.5" clearance 
> to the back of the firewall.
> If you wanted to lean the pedals forward on your
> plane you would want to 
> double check the geometry of the brake cylinders to
> make sure you were not 
> starting to bind the mechanism at full pedal and
> brake movement.
> I also though I might try building some heel wells
> into the floorboard to 
> lower my heels. I don't know if there is anything
> below the floorboard that 
> might prevent this (bungees from the gear?). It
> shouldn't be too difficult if 
> the floor is plywood or even sheet metal. I recall
> my knees were pretty close 
> to being jammed up underneath the instrument panel
> and dropping my heels down 
> a bit might help.
> One more thing I might try is replacing the flat
> plywood seatback with 
> something that is curved - sheet metal perhaps. This
> might get your tailbone 
> back just another inch or so although you might be
> leaning your torso forward 
> too much at this point. I assume you are using a
> seat pack parachute, yes?
> I do know of one Pitts S-1S that was modified with a
> One Design (DR-107) 
> canopy and a seat with more of a reclined angle.
> This is major surgery and 
> probably involves relocating the steel fuselage
> crossbrace that defines the 
> top of the seatback. Contact JOHNBDEAN at for
> more details on this - by 
> the way he is trying to sell the plane.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul Klusman
> In a message dated 1/22/02 2:32:46 PM EST,
> hans_pitts at writes:
> << Furthermore I am 6'6" tall, fortunately skinny as
> a
>  ghost so cockpitt width is ample. Max. headroom is
>  OK due to open cockpitt but legroom is really
> limited.
>  Are there any minor modifications to optimise the
>  legroom?
>  Thanks in advance,
>                     Hans.  >> 

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