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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions


Thread: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions

Message: [Acro] Re: Flop tube and other questions

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From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>

Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:17:59 UTC


  A Pitts can be landed in a few inches of crusty snow, although I wouldn't want
much of a cross-wind.  I did it at Warren (Sugarbush) Vermont a few times,
where there are no runway lights and acres of level grass on both sides of the
runway.  Don't even think about using brakes.  If the runway isn't long enough
for the snow to give you all the braking action you need, don't do it.  If you
can, it would be wise to remove the wheel pants.

Good luck and have fun.

Hans VanAmsterdam <hans_pitts at> wrote:
Dear Jim,
Thank you very much for your reply. After changing
bungees and the fuel pump, I know exactly what you
mean. Now I am joking that the landing is the easy
part, the maintenance is the sporty part of the Pitts.
There is too much engine in too little cowling.
Do you own your S1S since new? Over here (near Geneva
in Switzerland) it is maintenance season. Our airfield
is covered with snow. Do you or somebody have
experience in landing a Pitts on a few inches of
Thanks a lot,

--- klick at wrote: > Hans,
> My S1S, N9JT is the first factory built S1S, built
> in 
> August of 1973.
> Last summer we decided to change the flop tube
> because I
> had a new one. No symptoms, engine ran fine except
> for one
> "burp" when I did a very slow roll with less than a
> gallon
> of fuel on board.
> Changing a flop tube on an S1S is not for the faint
> of heart.
> It took two people most of a day, and fortunately
> there were
> no children or ladies around to hear the language.
> We did it
> without removing the fuel tank, although I've heard
> that's
> another way of doing it. We removed a square plate
> in the firewall,
> and the screws holding it had not been moved since
> new, so we
> spent a lot of time on them. 
> When we finally got the flop tube out, it looked
> good enough 
> to put back in, but we thought that after all the
> effort, we
> would install the new one. The tube was just as
> flexible as the
> new one, with only a small spot on the end of the
> weight
> worn down. I'll try and get some pix and send them.
> AS far as the height issue, my 6'4" friend can get
> in with
> difficulty by taking the padding off the seat back,
> and all the
> cushions off the seat bottom, and using a "Thin
> Softy" chute.
> His knees are in the way of full aileron deflection,
> but he
> can fly it.
> There are some homebuilts that have been lengthened,
> but I'm
> not familiar with them.
> Hope this helps.
> Jim Klick
> S1S N9JT(It's 50 F in Chicago today, but foggy)
>           Come on summer !!
> >The flop tube in my S1S was probably installed many
> >years ago. 
> >After how much time do they typically break?
> >Is there a way to do some useful inspection without
> >taking everything apart?
> >What is the failure mode? How much fuel in the tank
> >will keep the engine running despite the failed
> tube?
> >What are the bad surprises when replacing the flop
> >tube? (Engine can remain in place I hope)
> >
> >Furthermore I am 6'6" tall, fortunately skinny as a
> >ghost so cockpitt width is ample. Max. headroom is
> >OK due to open cockpitt but legroom is really
> limited.
> >Are there any minor modifications to optimise the
> >legroom?
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
> >                   Hans. 
> >
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