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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Power increase for AEIO-36 - Thanks


Thread: [Acro] Power increase for AEIO-36 - Thanks

Message: [Acro] Power increase for AEIO-36 - Thanks

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From: Paulo Henrique <phgis at>

Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 02:53:12 UTC


  Thanks everyone for the response about the power increase for AEIO-360.
It seems that Monty Barret is the most recommended to make the engine
rework. I am now compiling all the informations to analyse the

For those who are interested in know my responses, I present below some
of them that helped me to better understanding the process.

Best regards,

Paulo Henrique


Ly-Con in Visalia, CA (209-651-1070???) can sell you a set of 10-1
or they can rebuild the engine for you. Usually to increase the power
from a
IO-360 you install a 4-1 exhaust , cold air induction system, 10-1
compression pistons, port-polish, and sometimes re-profile the cam. If
do all this it will get very expensive. Also with the demise of 100LL
(atleast in the U.S.) you will have some real detonation issues at a
time if 100LL is unavailable.
The cold air induction and 4-1 exhaust should increase your power to the

205-210HP range without any detonation issues.....10-1 pistons will give
another 12 HP,  port-polish a few more etc..but you oil temps will go up

quite a bit and you will have to reduce your timing to 20 deg (From 25
And again 100 octane fuel will be required.



Sr. Henrique,

Your message was forwarded to me from the bi-plane subscribers list.  I
and operate Barrett Performance Aircraft.  We are a FAA certified repair

station in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We specialize in the overhaul and
of aerobatic powerplants.  We are very familiar with the engine in your
Extra 230.  It is possible to increase the performance of the engine, as

well as the reliability.  There are two paths to take.  The first is the

overhaul of your existing engine.  This would be done to zero time since

major overhaul to factory new clearance limits.  All current service
bulletins will be in comliance.  The engine rotating system will be
dynamically balanced to ANSI grade 2.5.  Factory new cylinder will be
airflow balanced and fitted with new 10.0:1 compression ratio pistons.
system overhaul is included with new engine driven fuel pump.  New Slick

ignition system is included.  Your engine will be dynamometer tested for

one-hour duration.  You will receive a copy of the computerized test
report, itemized parts list and log book with authorization for
catagory.  The estimated cost for this overhaul is $21,800.00.  We have
access to airfreight here so shipment from Brazil should be no problem.

The second option which might interest you is this; we currently have
sale a FACTORY NEW Lycoming AEIO-360A1E6.  This engine is identical to
engine with the exception is has a counterweighted crankshaft assembly.
counterweighted assembly is an advantage in engines using higher
compression.  Because the cylinder pressures are higher, there is more
on the crankshaft, which the counterweights help to dampen.  We can
new 10.0:1 pistons in this engine and test run it here prior to shipment
you.  This engine is  priced at $38,500.00 outright.  You are free to
dispose of your core engine in Brazil or, I can offer you a $10,000.00
rebate from the above price, after inspection here in our shop.  The
must be complete, as removed with repairable crankshaft and crankcases
receive the full credit.

Either choice of engine will yield right at the 230 horsepower you

For references you may contact Mr. Walter Extra in Germany or Mr. Kramer

Upchurch in St. Augustine, Fl. Mr. Upchurch is the American distributor
Extra at South East Aviation.

I also refer you to our website at

Thank you for your consideration.  Please contact me directly if I can
be of
any service.


Monty L. Barrett V.P.


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