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Sigrid Baumann – Trustee

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Sigrid Baumann – Trustee





Sigrid Baumann – Trustee

Palm Beach, FL  33480


February 03, 2002



                                !!  YOU ARE INVITED !!


ARISE AMERICA  celebration on February 23, 2002 beginning at 11:15AM –  Lantana Airport.


United States Aerobatic Team Members will fill the air with

brilliant flying demonstrations in their sleek and colorful aircraft.


This is a celebration of AMERICAN Strength and Determination to protect our freedom and to ascertain that

AMERICA can show its colors, talents, and skills at the

World Aerobatic Championships, wherever they are held.


We NEED your help, we can not do it alone!  Come and See!!


To open the festivities, which include a delicious catered luncheon,

The American Flag will be brought to earth by parachutist Paul

Herrick, accompanied by US patriotic music.


F. Lee Bailey, keynote speaker, will address aviation and pilot

related concerns and subjects and also speak about Bob Hoover  during an exciting fundraising, flying event over Lantana airfield.


RESERVATIONS are required.   CALL NOW (561) 582-9913   



TELEPHONE (561) 582-9913 OR fax (561) 586-7356











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