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Box - software to compute coordinates of markers

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Box - software to compute coordinates of markers

As part of planning to lay out a box for an upcoming contest I started fiddling to write some software to produce the waypoints of the box markers and judges station given the location of the front center marker and the heading to the right corner marker. I know you can do this in the GPS but it's a major pain, I just wanted to show up with everything pre progrrammed.

I have something running now that will even produce the waypoints in a format  suitable for direct download to a Magellan 315, others are probably equally easy. If there is some general interest I can package it up a bit more nicely and make it available.

Whew ... was lots of fun relearning sperical trig!
By the way, it probably does not work for boxes placed traversing either pole L


Peter Ashwood-Smith

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