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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Landing Pitts for first time


Thread: [Acro] Landing Pitts for first time

Message: [Acro] Landing Pitts for first time

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From: "miki golan" <mg at>

Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:00:12 UTC


As most of you can probably recall, I've asked for advice
about landing my Pitts S2B in Israel, in 3000 feet runway,
for the first time, by someone who never flew any Pitts.

The pilot, however, has 20,000+ hours all in "real flight" -
in various AG, piper, mustang, heli's, etc etc.

I got many replies from the list, ranging from "he should
be just fine" to "don't do it - Pitts is impossible to land
without some teaching".

Well, today was the day. With the aircraft having been registered,
it was time to test-fly it. My man, who also put it together 
from the 40ft container, decided not to way for anyone else,
put on the chute, setup the seat cusions, and off he went...

He landed with no incidents (one jump) on approx 1800 feet to a stop.

Hope this helps others. If you're good enough, have enough 
tail time, and enough experience, a Pitts is just another aircraft.

Also, a public "thank you!" to Dave Swartz (Florida) who tought me 
aerobatics and more importantly, spin recovery, helped me purchase 
my Pitts, and arranged the shipping to Israel.

Now it is only me who needs to learn to land it here ...

  Michael Golan

ps. it was N6082E - now it is 4X-CYW - the only Pitts in Israel.


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