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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts for first time


Thread: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts for first time

Message: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts for first time

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From: jeffery at

Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 00:14:43 UTC



Congratulations on getting your dream machine going!  However, me thinks your 
day could have just as easily ended in a very different scenario.  Slight 
differences in rigging, control set-up, tail-wheel adjustment, etc. have 
significant affects on landing characteristics and roll-out stability.  A Pitts 
that has just been put back together may have a few "issues" that need 
attention.  Not the kind of thing you want layered on top of normal Pitts 
characteristics, especially for someone that has not seen what marginal 
flare/roll-out vs. better-go-around behavior is for this airplane.  Your friend 
may be VERY good, but I'd say today, he was also damn lucky.  The S2-B is not 
terribly difficult or dangerous, but definitely needs some learned finesse to 
repeatably put back into the hangar in one piece.

Jeffery Poehlmann
Pitts S2-B  N53385

> As most of you can probably recall, I've asked for advice
> about landing my Pitts S2B in Israel, in 3000 feet runway,
> for the first time, by someone who never flew any Pitts.
> The pilot, however, has 20,000+ hours all in "real flight" -
> in various AG, piper, mustang, heli's, etc etc.
> I got many replies from the list, ranging from "he should
> be just fine" to "don't do it - Pitts is impossible to land
> without some teaching".
> Well, today was the day. With the aircraft having been registered,
> it was time to test-fly it. My man, who also put it together 
> from the 40ft container, decided not to way for anyone else,
> put on the chute, setup the seat cusions, and off he went...
> He landed with no incidents (one jump) on approx 1800 feet to a stop.
> Hope this helps others. If you're good enough, have enough 
> tail time, and enough experience, a Pitts is just another aircraft.
> Also, a public "thank you!" to Dave Swartz (Florida) who tought me 
> aerobatics and more importantly, spin recovery, helped me purchase 
> my Pitts, and arranged the shipping to Israel.
> Now it is only me who needs to learn to land it here ...
>   Michael Golan
>   TelAviv
> ps. it was N6082E - now it is 4X-CYW - the only Pitts in Israel.


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