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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Advanced and Unlimited Known Proposals


Thread: [Acro] Advanced and Unlimited Known Proposals

Message: [Acro] Advanced and Unlimited Known Proposals

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From: Brian Howard <BK at>

Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 19:10:42 UTC


  To all:

The 1 March deadline for USA proposals to CIVA for the 2003 Advanced and
Unlimited (power AND glider) Knowns (aka Programme Q) rapidly approaches. As
of today, I have received only one Unlimited power proposal, and that was
not even from a Team pilot. If you fly Advanced, if you fly Unlimited,
whether you have team aspirations or not, it behooves you to have a voice.
Remember, the chosen sequences also become the IAC Knowns for these three

There are not a lot of rules covering the design of the Knowns: All
sequences must have exactly 9 figures. For the Advanced, no outside snaps or
outside rollers, no tailslides, and no vertical up snaps. Maximum K-factor
is not specified, but the average over the last three years for the winning
proposal in each category has been:

Unlimited Power:  311K
Advanced:  214K
Unlimited Glider:  190K

Ideally, I would like any Advanced proposals to include an additional 3
figures to be used in the IAC version, should the Board of Directors elect
to lengthen the 2003 Known beyond nine figures. However, at this late date,
if you want to submit a 9-figure Advanced sequence only, I would welcome it.

BTW, Known proposals for the remaining IAC categories, power and glider, are
due to me by 1 April. Not that far off either. Number received to date: 0

All I need for any of the proposals is a Form B-like drawing and a list of
figures. The sequences don't have to be drawn on CIVA forms, they don't have
to be done on a computer. If you are hand drawing your proposal, fax it to
me at: 801-912-7069. If you are using Visio or any other computer drawing
method, e-mail the files to me.

Let's make sure that the USA is represented in all three categories this year!

Best regards to all,

Brian Howard
Chairman, IAC Rules Committee


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