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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] The FAA Aerobatic box saga continues.....

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] The FAA Aerobatic box saga continues.....


Thread: [Acro] The FAA Aerobatic box saga continues.....

Message: [Acro] The FAA Aerobatic box saga continues.....

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From: ACROAV8RRandy at

Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:54:20 UTC


Ok....Follow this one!

Today as I walked my girlfriend's Chihuahua over to the Beach "Club House" 
where my mailbox is located I was greeted by the friendly U.S . Mailman, who 
had a very large envelope. GREAT! I thought, my Jimmy Buffett tickets have 
arrived! No......Could it be that Bertie Higgins CD? No.......A Furlough 
notice from United? No.....But what you ask?  A letter from my friendly FAA 
Orlando FSDO-15!  Uh-Oh! Well, I didn't have to sign for it so it can't be 
bad right?

After all, they did send a DENIED application for waiver a couple of days 
ago, what could they want now?  

GET this.....inside this letter was a "CERTIFICATE OF WAIVER OR 
AUTHORIZATION"  What the $#%#$%?

Yup, it is true, the "Manager of FSDO-15" has approved my Aerobatic practice 
area! But one of his "Inspectors" had denied the SAME request a few days ago? 

I guess I will have to call the "Boss" at FSDO-15 and thank him, and then try 
to figure out why one of his "men" denied the same request?

Anyway it looks like we have another FAA Box in Florida, albeit it could be a 
little lower (they approved 2000FT to 8000FT but I will take it, and work on 
getting it lower)
I am located at Merritt Island Florida, and the new box will be over the 
Banana River, east of KCOI on the 356 degree Radial off of the MLB (Melbourne 
VOR) as depicted on the Orlando Tampa VFR terminal chart.

Of course SPECIAL thanks to Bill Finagin and John King!  Everybody who is a 
member of IAC is welcome to use the box, and hopefully we will get the floor 
of it a little lower. I think they just want to test the water, which is fine!

I will keep you all posted......Crazy times eh?

Randy Ott
Extra 300SX N65EX
Cocoa Beach Fl

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