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the address to Mr Honor Bounced from my end...

Phil sisson

Rob Dorsey wrote:


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Subject:  A friend needs help
Date:  Sun, 10 Feb 2002 15:01:34 -0700
From:  Budd Davisson <>

One of aviation's true friends and contributors needs help. He needs us to send our opinions to those in control and let them know how we feel about what is happening to him.

I'll make this brief: Elwood "Woody" Menear, a Captain for U. S. Airways made the mistake of explaining (in conversational tones, according to witnesses) to a supervisor who challenged him at a security check point in Philadelphia that it was silly to hand search airline pilots, once they were proven to be who they claimed to be.

His point was that the airline pilots already had control of the airplane and whether they were carrying tweezers or not was a moot point.

This was a true and obvious statement, but the young security person decided it was a threat and Woody was lead away in handcuffs.

The FBI has yet to file charges, although they have three years in which to do so.

At this point Woody is suspended and expected to be fired by U. S. Airways, as they try to run from possible public response to one of their pilots being pictured on the news in handcuffs.

"Unintended consequences" is the phrase that best suits this situation. Yes, increased security measure are important. No, they should not be allowed to get out of hand.

The best thing we can do for Woody is to let U.S. Airways know that we think they've let the pendulum swing too far the wrong direction. Menear is well known within aviation as a pilot and an aircraft builder and restorer. He is also the kind of person you want in the cockpit when the chips are down. We can't let him suffer because of a security person who is having a bad day.

Send something to the effect of:

"I feel U. S. Airways should let the facts of the Captain Elwood Menear situation speak for themselves and let Captain Menear continue flying for the airline, which is in the best interest of both U.S. Airways and the flying public."

The important names and e-mail addresses are listed below.

I apologize to those who received this inadvertently, but I had no way of trimming my address book down.

Budd Davisson

If you find this as important as I do, please forward it to everyone on your mailing list.

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