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      The "H" tube you are referring to is the stabilizer carry thru tube - where the leading edge of the stabilizers attach.  It can be a stressed area - especially if the tail wires are not properly adjusted for tension.  The "S2s" and the "Ts" have an additional external strut to the leading edge of the stabilizer to help this.  You should  have no up or down play on the stab leading edge. Check this area on the annual for cracks and do not pick up the tail by lifting here.  By the way, the IAC has several "Technical Tips Manuals" (four I think) for sale that basically are past articles that have been published in Sport Aerobatics.  I highly recommend you get these.  Several years ago I suggested to IAC leadership that all past Sport Aviation Magazines should be put on CDs with a search engine and made available to the membership.  We have that for the American Bonanza Society and it is an extremel! y valuable resource when you need to look up something like "Pitts H Tube".  Sure saves lots of time looking through stacks of magazines.  There seemed to be no interest - either that or I did properly explain the concept.  So until something like that is available - get the Tech Tips manuals.

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