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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Aresti 6 - IAC Forms


Thread: [Acro] Aresti 6 - IAC Forms

Message: [Acro] Aresti 6 - IAC Forms

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From: Brian Howard <BK at>

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 01:14:30 UTC


  To:  Any IAC member using Aresti 6

I have noted that a few of the sequence drawings I have received for review
are being drawn in Aresti 6 using the original IAC multipart forms which
came in the 6.0 release. Although Alan Cassidy posted a note to this effect
a while back, apparently not everyone caught the fact that there are
modified IAC form templates available for download from Alan's website,

There are three downloads available: Glider Update, Power Updates, and
Add-On Updates (there is also a fix if you've had problems with certain
figures and Visio 2000). The "Power Update" (or "Glider" as appropriate) is
MANDATORY if you plan to use the forms to create a Freestyle in 2002. The
modified Form A includes some minor fixes, but the important change is the
inclusion of a box for the approving judge's IAC number.

Please be sure you use the version 6.01 IAC Forms for any Free program
created since January 1, 2002. Previous Free Programs, not requiring a
reapproval this year, may continue to be on the old (landscape) format Form
As. The new forms are also available on the IAC web site,, for downloading in PDF format.

Brian Howard
Chairman, IAC Rules Committee


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