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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Aircraft Salvagers/resellers/rebuilders ...


Thread: [Acro] Aircraft Salvagers/resellers/rebuilders ...

Message: [Acro] Aircraft Salvagers/resellers/rebuilders needed

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From: Hubie Tolson <tolson at>

Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:50:30 UTC


  I am searching for someone who will pay a reasonable price for 15
airplanes which are salvagable, but will take work to make airworthy.
These planes were part of a training school that is no longer in

The planes have been sitting outside (except for Citabria and one
Appache), unused, unattended, unserviced, on grass, for 5 or 6 years,
with all the birds nests, bugs, mildew and associated issues. Most 150's
and one or two 172's were annualled in '98 and '99 but haven't flown
since. Many have new top overhauls in '98 &'99, or new full engine
rebuilds, but have been unused since.

For someone with a flight school in need of training planes, with a
maintenance shop with some excess capacity, this could be quite an

The list of planes available is below, and I have the TT's, engine
times, etc. available by fax for anyone interested.

This is not a one at a time deal, but an all or nothing type
arrangement, or almost all or nothing...I am not interested in brokering
as I need them all to go away in short order. Also, I can not deal with
more than one or two buyers for the entire lot, no single plane sales.

Suggestions and interested party contacts would be appreciated.

Hubie Tolson
252-638-4215 w
tolson at

1 7KCAB - Birds nests everywhere
6 C150's (most were annualled in '98 & 99, but haven't been run since)
3 C172's
5 Appaches (one in partially disassembled, one with engines off for
rebuild, one is full Nyack conversion)


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