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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Hull Insurance


Thread: [Acro] Re: Hull Insurance

Message: [Acro] Re: Hull Insurance

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From: "Harley Carnes" <harley at>

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:17:35 UTC


  Last year .. I took the bait and left Forest for Avemco to save money.
Avemco charged me less than 1800 for insurance, with 60K hull on the S-1T.
That was last year.   This year, they jacked it up to 2400+.
    Guess what, I'll pay anything close to that ... to leave Avemco for an
aerobatic related company.  Avemco low balled a lot of people, in order to
hurt agencies and companies that have stood behind the intrepid aerobats ...

Falcon has already come in lower than Avemco.  Forest hasn't given me a
quote yet.  Looking forward to it.

Fly safe,

Harley Carnes
Pitts S1T

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From: "Pete & Farrell Rouse" <rousep at>
To: "Gil & Phyl Tellier" <giltel at>; <acro at>
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 10:47 PM
Subject: [Acro] Re: Hull Insurance

> To All,
> I had the same experience with AVEMCO (National Insurance).  I was insured
> on a Piper Comanche, PA24-260B and my first years premium was $1800.  My
> renewal with AVEMCO, since they cancelled the National Insurance program,
> was $2400.  Their quote was 'At that price, we can't keep the lights on
> the doors open'.  This was in 1998.  I recently could have saved $400 by
> going through AVEMCO instead of my current agent; my agent even said he
> understood if I went to AVEMCO.  I elected to PAY MORE and not go to
> because I had a feeling that they would buy in low, then crank the rates
> the second year.
> My current policy is with AIG and my agent is Jon Harden at Aviation
> Insurance Resources.  Jon has treated my very well and I do not shop
> that says something about the service and satisfaction I have received.  I
> don't work for Jon, nor do I have any financial interest in his agency, I
> just that pleased with my service.  As a side note, I would be paying more
> with AVEMCO this year than I am currently paying.
> Here is Jon's information, if anyone is interested:
> Aviation Insurance Resources
> P.O. Box 32
> Frederick Muni A/P
> Frederick, MD
> 21705
> Toll Free: 877-247-7767
> Fax: 301-682-9793
> email: sales at
> I hope this is of benefit to the group as I feel the sting of insurance.
> think my 'Vitamin G' habit is more expensive than a crack habit.
> Pete Rouse
> Pitts S-2A N92PR
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Gil & Phyl Tellier" <giltel at>
> To: <acro at>
> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 5:10 PM
> Subject: [Acro] Hull Insurance
> > Hey Troops,
> > Is hull insurance worth it? Having switched from Forrest to Avemco last
> year it is
> > now the time to again review the cost of hull that seems to be reaching
> for the moon.
> > I just got my Avemco bill for homebuilt S-1S for 50K hull and 1M
> liability. Hull is
> > 2089, liability is 283 (2416 total) compared with 1457 and 283 (1740
> total) last
> > year. My logs show about 800 hours taildragger and 350 in Pitts. Never
> an
> > accident in 16 years of flying. Avemco says they are losing on
> which is
> > the reason homebuilts have been hit the hardest. Unfortunately, Avemco
> does not
> > discriminate within the category like State Farm auto does with low
> for being
> > good. I am tired of paying for lost canopies and prop strikes due to
> mishaps.
> > OK I've ranted but I guess it is time to self insure unless anybody's
> a better
> > idea.
> > Gil Tellier, IAC Ch. 49, IAC #11908
> >
> >


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